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Are you a local business owner? Whether you run a garage, a clothing store, a jewelry store, doctor's office or even a tax preparation service, there is a good chance that the majority of your marketing is focused on your local community.

Although local advertising is a necessity, there is something that you may not know. Your local community is likely turning to the internet to research their options for buying products and services, even locally. That is why you may want to think about incorporating search engine marketing into your businessís local advertising plan.

As it was previously mentioned, a large number of individuals are now turning to the internet to research local companies that they may be interested in doing business with. In fact over 50% of all searches being done are for local services. That is why it is advised that all locally owned and operated businesses, even small businesses, use search engine marketing to their advantage.

Unfortunately, many business owners do not realize just how many of their prospective customers are using the internet. There are many who assume that it isnít enough to change their marketing plans. However, did you know that Nielsen//NetRatings performed a study that showed out of 2,866 individuals, 70% of those individuals had used the internet to research local businesses?

When you think about it, that number is pretty amazing. That means that a large number of individuals are now starting to change the way that they shop locally. In the past, many individuals relied on coming across a business own their own or hearing about a business through word of mouth. While these approaches are still used, it is plain to see that many more individuals are now starting to do their own research online.

One of the many reasons for that is because it is easy. A simple standard internet search, also known as a local search, and your prospective customers could easily find out information about you and your company, including your business telephone number, your address, as well as information on what type of business you run.

One of the best ways to make the most out of local search engine marketing is to have a search engine friendly website. One of the best ways to acquire new customers is through search. For instance, if you sell products or services, you will want to describe them and so forth. Perhaps, the most important piece of information to have on your website is your businessís telephone number and a business email address. Another study, conducted by WebVisible showed that 68% of prospective clients contacted a company using the telephone number they got off the companyís website.

Although not as popular, 16% contacted the company in question by sending them an email. As you can see, the internet plays an important role in your business and it has actually been doing so for a while now, even if you didnít realize it. That is why it is advised that you incorporate the internet and search engine marketing into your local advertising plan, if you havenít already done so.

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