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Agape Health & Fitness

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Agape Health & Fitness

Agape Health & Fitness

Agape* Health & Fitness is a private workout facility for individuals who are serious about getting healthy. Our trainers will work with you one-on-one to help you meet your overall health goals, but we do ask you for one thing: TOTAL COMMITMENT.

Agape* Health & Fitness is not for those seeking for a quick fix weight loss plan; it is for individuals who are seeking to improve their overall health by putting in the time and effort it takes to achieve their goals.

Are you:

  • Looking to get into the best physical shape of your life?

  • Plagued with physical
    symptoms like a bad back, shoulder or knees?

  • Suffering from a medical condition (weak kidney, Lupus, blood disorder, etc.)?

  • Willing to put in the time and effort it takes to truly change your lifestyle?

If you answered “yes” to any or all of the above, Agape* Health and Fitness wants you! Come in for a free, personalized consultation today and learn more about our wide range of services. Make the decision TODAY to starting your new life right now!


Agape Health & Fitness


Personal Training - Agape Health and Fitness focuses its personal client training on improving the spiritual, mental, and Agape Health & Fitnessphysical qualities of life. Clients work with trainers on a flexible schedule, 1-4 times a week.

Fitness Consultation - Fitness consultations begin with a thorough assessment, which includes flexibility, strength, heartrate, and bodyfat percentage testing. A personal program is then developed from the assessment.

Nutrition Counseling - Years of research and application have developed several available nutrition programs including fat loss, sports-specific diets, and mass building programs.


Group Training - T.A.G. (Training Accountability Group) Attack is an affordable program for 3-6 individuals to receive training with an instructor 1-4 times a week, with an accountability meeting once per month. Outdoor training optional.

Seasonal Services:

Agape Health & Fitness

Outdoor Boot Camp - Intense Fitness drills including sprinting, strength training, stretching, agilities, etc. Done in an outdoor setting. Class may last from 1 hour to 1.5 hours, depending on format. Types of Boot Camps available include: Sports Specific, U.S.A. (Military style) and H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training).With H.I.I.T. you will experience fat loss, improved athletic ability, increased flexibility, wider range of motion, improved muscular endurance and increase strength.

Group Trail Runs - View the beauty of mountainous and wooded terrain, while receiving wonderful cardiovascular exercise. Class will be led through proper stretching, warm-up and cool down. Runs range from 3-6 miles. Check schedule for times and routes.





Agape Health & Fitness



Agape Health & FitnessJason Rice is the owner of Agape* Health and Fitness and has been working as a fitness professional for over 16 years. His expertise spans from special populations, post-rehabilitation, sports specific, weight/fat loss, group fitness, and nutrition counseling.

Through years of education, he discovered a unique view of the physiological sciences in relation to health and fitness.

This drove Jason into deeper studies of physiology, dietetics, and functional anatomy. He found that studying these sciences, and others from a creationist standpoint opened a whole new world of how to view then human body. This approach, coupled with his traditional studies (University of Colorado at Boulder), has created a training style and client success rate that is second to none.

Jason’s passion is for the spiritual, mental, and physical welfare of others, and it shows in the time he spends with each individual client. He seeking to lead them the optimal lifestyle and health God intended for them to have.


Agape Health & Fitness

Michiko Rice is a Master Pilates instructor who has am academic record decorated with certificates and awards. Michiko has taken the basic principals of Pilates and expanded them by adding the Franklin Method, Gyrokenesis, Gyrotonic and Imagery training. She created her own genre of Pilates which molds her skills into and around each individual client. Michiko sees physiology as an art more than she does a science and her clients notice the difference immediately. Michiko is also a graduate of Long Beach Dance, and has studied dance for more than 15 years. She has combined dance conditioning and the above components to create an exciting and thrilling experience for every client.


Agape Health & Fitness


Read what Agape* Health & Fitness clients are saying about their success with our programs! These are real testimonials from real people:

Jason Rice has a thorough, very impressive insight into the workings of the body and how to achieve better health. It is clear to me that his ability combines knowledge and practical know-how that comes from years of experience.

Jason has my unreserved recommendation. I have seen phenomenal changes after being physically out of shape for some years. No matter how hopeless it may seem, if you are fortunate to have the opportunity to retain Jason Rice and Agape* Health & Fitness, you will be amazed with the results of following his program.

Ron Edison


I met Jason Rice in May of 2002 after the father of one of my son’s football teammates recommended him to me. My son who was in his third year of “Pop Warner” (A children’s football league) and he really enjoyed the game but was not doing well at it. He seemed to have coordination issues and no “natural talent.”

Jason met with my son (who was 11 years-old at the time) and after watching him walk across the room once, he explained that he was having lower back problems, was a slow runner and had poor balance, all of which were absolutely true! He then explained that if he continued football without changing his condition, he would have serious knee problems and the hump in his upper back would continue to pronounce itself. I was impressed.

Needless to say I signed up on the spot. Jason not only kept all of his promises he exceeded them beyond my wildest dreams. My son is indeed a superb athlete. He is powerful and fast. His coaches came to me the very next season (September of that same year) and asked me what I had done. They called him a “12 year-old man”. He was not only a starter, which he had never been before, but also a starter on both the offense and defense. He literally played every major play of the offense and the defense of that season. The only time he came out of the game was when they had a significant lead and wanted to give the other boys a chance at playing.

My son is excelling in everything he does now. His work ethic is amazing where before it was nonexistent. His grades have sky rocketed. He is confident and gets along with everyone. He was the leader of both his high school Freshman and Junior Varsity football teams. Jason Rice has a gift. He knows and understands the physical structure of the human body and its motions better than anyone I have ever heard of.

Dave Lavediere


I am in the twilight days of my life and not someone who would normally consider exercise important. It was a complete turn off to work out. I hated how I always felt exhausted and burned out. Agape changed my view completely. I am now involved in Pilates and personal strength training. My quality of life and health have improved dramatically without feeling burned out. I am in the best shape I have been in for years.

Larry Eggers


When I met Jason, I was suffering from a herniated disc that had already been operated on once. I was in excrustiating pain every day and worried about having to have another surgery. For months, my doctors suggested nothing but “rest,” but with work and other commitments, staying in bed all day was impossible (and not a way to live). Though I could barely lift my legs or touch my toes, Jason worked with me four days a week. He was patient, persistent and explained everything in great detail.

Five months later, I really am a different person. I can lift 20 lb. weights. I can run. I can touch my toes, I can jump rope, and best of all, I can live my life without pain. The bonus is that I’ve lost inches and gained muscle, and look and feel better than ever. My only regret? That I hadn’t met Jason sooner!

Clare Kleinedler


I have worked out with a number of personal trainers over the last 20 years. Jason Rice is by far the best. He really pays attention, and is extremely knowledgeable. He pushes me, but never beyond my body’s capabilities. He also keeps the workouts interesting – each session is different. His approach is low key, but focused, and very motivating.

Michiko Rice has been working with me twice a week for two months. Her primary focus has been breathing, flexibility, and core conditioning and strength. Her workouts are difficult for me, since I am not flexible. She knows exactly how far to push me – for the first time since I started working out, my flexibility is improving.

Jason and Michiko are both completely reliable and totally focused during our sessions. They give me their complete attention. Unlike trainers in the past, I never feel that they are going by a ‘one size fits all’ type of approach to personal training.

The improvement in my overall conditioning is notable in just two months. I particularly notice this with my posture and core strength. I have worked out for 25 years, and hit a plateau with my conditioning many years ago. This is the first time in years that I have gone beyond that plateau and am continuing to improve.

Valerie Griffith


I started working out with Jason in May of 2007- mainly to get in shape, lose weight and generally feel better about myself. I’ve always been one of those women that always worried about weight and appearance, and after awhile I got tired of stressing about it and decided to give a personal trainer a try. Thank goodness I found Jason- he’s really taught me how to work out so that I get maximum results and I know every minute of the workout is making a change in my body. I haven’t stepped on a scale in over three months (and that’s saying a lot since I weighed myself daily for years) because I can SEE the changes in my body and have dropped two dress sizes in the last few months. In the past, I hated almost every photo that was ever taken of me, but now I actually like most of them which, again, is a huge sign of both weight loss and the gain in self esteem that comes with working out and feeling great. Shopping for clothes is a treat, whereas before I dreaded trying on anything in the harsh glare of a dressing room.

I highly recommend Agape Health & Fitness to anyone who really wants to lose INCHES, tone their body and learn the proper way to work out. I truly believe that Jason’s techniques are far more affective than anything you can do in a regular gym, and the customized workout will give you the results you want.

Anne Alderete


When I  first met Jason, I was 165 pounds and had 46% body fat. In just about a month and a half  I went down to 156 pounds and 35% body fat. Now, I am 129 lbs and 27% body fat. He does not tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. He does not let anyone think it will be “fast” or “easy” like the scams in the fitness industry. Jason truly educates you from the mind to the body. I have never met anyone who knows more about nutrition, health and fitness than Jason. Simply stated he is a Magician, he not only transforms your body, but also will enlighten your mind.                          

Now my clothes fit loose and my energy level is higher than it’s ever been. I now realize that working out and eating right is not just part of a diet but a way of life. My self-esteem has improved along with my fitness goals for the future. I am confident that with Jason’s help I will reach my goal weight of 100-110 pounds and live a very happy and healthy lifestyle.”  

Denh Vuong


Agape Health & Fitness

Agape Health & Fitness

Agape Health & Fitness

Agape Health & Fitness

Agape Health & Fitness