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47 East Colorado Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91105

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Andrade Studio Architects

What We Do - We Specialize in:

Theme Development
Mixed-Use / Commercial Concepts
Creative Restaurant and Retail Design
Custom Residential & Interior Design
Project Development Planning

Our aim is to create experiences, whether it is a small retail space or large master planning effort we are focused on the overall environment. We produce the highest quality concept design work.

Creating a strong narrative that drives design in relation to context, program, client, and community is a key part of our process.

How We Do It

It is a challenge to classify our work as a whole because of our approach.
Our work springs from a fresh prospective for each project.
Our work is driven by the context and so a consistant imagery is not to be found.
Design is born out of exploration, origins, history, diversity, environment, and “placemaking”.

About Andrade Studio Architects

We are an award winning diverse group of architects and designers. Our backgrounds lie in fields as diverse as fine art, photography, theater (set design), music, graphics and production design.

Our goal is to ensure that our clients invest in a level of quality and beauty that meets with their Hopes, Dreams and Aspirations for design.

Our studio is dedicated to the creation of Contextural Design. Our intent is to make design that is connected directly to the experience of the users.

We enjoy collaboration with our clients including other architectural firms and designers. We make it a high priority to involve our clients and associates in the overall creative process of making project work.

Andrade Kramer and Kurtz Residence

Andrade Mammoth Lake and Disney