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Arroyo Volleyball Camp

Q-How many hours of practice must my daughter and I commit to play Club volleyball?

A-At the Arroyo Volleyball Club, we provide our players with an average of 24 hours of instruction at practice per month at one of our 5 practice sites.

Q- What is the player / coach ratio?

A- At the Arroyo Volleyball Club, we strive to maintain a 1:6 player/coach ratio on every team at every level.

Q- How long is the Club volleyball season?

A-The United States Volleyball Association's Youth Volleyball season runs from January through June, with an average of two (2) tournaments a month. The Arroyo Volleyball Club (as with many other club programs) begins its practices in mid to late November to adequately prepare the athletes for the start of the tournament season.

Q- What benefit does Club volleyball provide for my child?

A- Many athletes participating in youth sports elect to participate in year-round Club sports programs. The benefit is obvious in the sense that the more you play, the better an athlete will become in that chosen sport. The Arroyo Volleyball Club's philosophy on developing athlete's through volleyball encompasses life experiences as well as on the court learning.

Q- Why should I choose the Arroyo Volleyball Club?

A- The Arroyo Volleyball Club was founded with the specific intent to remove the hard line, cattle call reality that had become youth volleyball in the San Gabriel Valley. The philosophy of the Arroyo Volleyball Club is to develop a young person as well as a volleyball player. We pride ourselves on sometimes selecting less skilled athletes, who have the drive and determination to compete. We also pride ourselves on our weekly development program, which has no peer in our area, where we educate and instruct young athletes in a positive educational environment.