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99 East Colorado Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91105
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Hours of Operation: 7:30am-2am

Barney's Beanery / Q's Billiards

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Barney's Beanery

Barney's Beanery:

Barney's Beanery opened its doors in 1920. What began as a destination for westbound travelers on the now infamous rte 66 (weary travelers could trade in their liscence plate for a free pint of beer) evolved into an epicenter for arts and culture by the mid sixties. Among those who made Barney's their home were Janis Joplin, who had here last drink at Barney's before her untimely death, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, who was eventually thrown out one night for urinating on the bar, and in more recent years, Quentin Tarantino, who wrote much of Pulp Fiction at his favorite booth by the bar. Stepping into Barney's one can immediately sense that they have just entered one of those rare and unique places that can only be created by time itself.

q's billiards

Q's Billiards:

Running strong since 1992, Q's has redefined what a night club, bar, billiards hall - what they all should be. Say goodbye to dark, imposing establishments - at Q's the atmosphere is undeniably "Pasadena." Over the years we have continued to expand our facilities in order to provide the ideal experience for our guests.

Q's, located in the heart of Old Town Pasadena, offers an ideal nightclub/billiard's club atmosphere. Q's is also the top sports bar in Pasadena with 8 satellite dishes and over 40 televisions featuring all major sporting events. Q's is a great place to meet people or hang out with friends while sampling some of the world's best beers and a top notch menu. With three levels, three full bars, and over 20 pool tables there's never a dull moment at Q's! Private parties are a real hit at Q's! With an experienced staff and a number of rooms able to fit parties of any size, Q's is the perfect spot for all your private party needs.

With three full bars (one on each level) and a highly trained complement of personnel on hand, Q's is more than ready for even the most selective of drinkers. Our bartenders are among the best in the business, and are able to come up with most any drink imaginable - try to stump them!
If you're looking for watered down drinks, look elsewhere. Q's is renown for having the finest quality drinks available.

Q's Billiards Special Events & Venues:

Q's Billiard Club is a sports bar, a neighborhood restaurant, a late night hang-out, and much more. Whether you want a good meal, a game of pool with friends, hang out in the sun on one of our patios, or relax at one of our bars to watch your favorite sporting event, Q's Billiard Club has it all. On any given night you'll find 12 pool tables, 50 TV's, over 50 kinds of beer, two full service bars, 3 outdoor patios, a delicious menu of food, a DJ spinning your favorite music, and a friendly staff to assist you.

Food is served until midnight on the weekdays, and 12:30am on the weekends. We have one of the best Happy Hours in town, with $3 beers, $10 pitchers, $4 well drinks 7 days a week. We also have 1/2 price appetizers on Saturday through Wednesday

Q's is also the place to have your next party or special event. We have a variety of rooms and options to accomodate your event, no matter what the size. Please visit our Menu page and our Rooms page to see what we have to offer.

In addition to special events and various happenings here. Visit our calendar to find out more...

Please feel free to contact us regarding any questions you may have, or stop by the club to check things out for yourself.

Review of Barney's Beanery: read complete review

Barney’s Beanery’s alliterative name is an aptly artful advertising aid. People like to hear it and say it, and it sticks in the public mind from first mention.

But I wonder if the name sticks in the craw of competition. Up against what is arguably the biggest menu of fast food in the world, and a bulging book of legends from Hollywood, will chili joints and chicken shacks be filled with empty chairs? Will it be Hermit’s Hammock vs. Barney’s Beanery?

It’s hard to match a 700-item menu, which is printed out like a 12-page tabloid and reads like an aggregate of Bob’s Big Boy, Chile John’s, Chevy’s, IHOP, Hard Rock, Original Tommy’s, Big Mama’s Ribs, Jerry’s Famous Deli and Mom’s Place, not to mention the corner bar and the local pool hall.