Bishop Gooden HomeBishop Gooden Home
191 N. El Molino Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91101

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Hours of Operation: 24 Hour Service

Bishop Gooden Home

Bishop Gooden Home provides four levels of extended care: BASIC Residential, Day Plus, IOP (Intensive Outpatient) Plus and Aftercare

This is the Bishop Gooden Home, a residential alcohol and drug recovery program. If you can't visit us right away, take the virtual tour. The Bishop Gooden Home utilizes a contemporary holistic approach to alcohol and drug treatment. The traditions date back to the homes founding in 1962 by five members of Alcoholics Anonymous and Episcopal Bishop Robert Gooden. Over 5,000 residents have enjoyed the traditions of BGH for over four decades. Residents of all faiths, or those with none, find an inclusive and supportive environment. Each person is encouraged to develop his personal spirituality.

What makes the program fresh and current is the structure of its extended care treatment program. The Bishop Gooden Home has responded to an increasing diverse client population who have needs that reach beyond chemical dependency education and counseling to include family relationships, medications, and reentry into work or academic pursuits. Therefore, our program now embraces 4 different levels or phases of treatment. When taken in sequence they form an extended care treatment program. The Bishop Gooden Home extended care program incorporates daily work or school with outside 12 step meetings, in-house counseling, education and peer support. Many have used BGH as continuing care from primary or hospital treatment. Those who are prone to relapse find the structure, professional counseling and strong alumni support very helpful. Their testimonials give witness to the strength that comes from residing for several weeks or even months with others who want the same thing: lasting sobriety!

Bishop Gooden Home