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Botanicals of La Caņada

Botanicals of La Cañada Nicholas Mosse Pottery a celebration of the handmade.

The pottery of Nicholas Mosse is designed to be mixable with matchable motifs and colours that will blend beautifuly in any collection.

The pottery of Nicholas Mosse is handmade, hand slipped, hand-turned and hand decorated so that every single one is unique. Every one an original. Nicholas Mosse started his pottery in 1976, in Bennettsbridge, County Kilkenny, Ireland using hand-crafting with the old method and techniques. It takes an average of 67 hand touches and processes to create the average mug.

This pottery is heirloom quality and truly something to collect and treasure for years to come. There are many different pieces in a wide variety of patterns. There is really "something for everyone".

The Process

Each piece produced is lavished with care and attention by skilled craftspeople who do everything from mixing special clay, to throwing and firing, by hand.

The final stage of decoration is also done by hand in the traditional manner. Each tiny motif is cut from sponges, then dipped into pigment and applied by hand to build up the beautiful, versatile patterns. Each piece is individually crafted and no two are alike.

We carry a wide selection of patterns and shapes which all work together well. Keep us in mind for a Bridal registry too, as this pottery is perfect for wedding gifts. Please call or e-mail us if you have any questions. Zulugrass

We are very excited to carry these beautiful natural grass beads dyed in rich hues, combined with sparkling Czech glass beads. Handcrafted by the Maasai women of Kenya, these can be worn as a single strand or multiple strands to create a necklace, hair tie, bracelet or an anklet.

Botanicals of La Cañada Gift Certificates

We are continually expanding our e-commerce selections and we are now proud to offer gift certificates. To use, simply select the PayPal Buy a gift certificate button. This makes a perfect gift any time of year and is so easy to use. The recipient of the gift certificate simply visits http: and shops to find items they wish purchase. To check out they select PayPal as the payment option and enter the gift certificate redemption code. That is all there is too it!

Topiary Care

The question most often asked at Botanicals is, "How do I care for my ivy topiary?" It's very simple. Ivy prefers to be outdoors in a shady location and showered with water when its soil becomes slightly dry. The most common problems with ivy are over watering and spider mites from remaining indoors for too long. To enjoy ivy in your home or office, simply rotate your plants from indoors to outdoors every two weeks. This will keep them healthy and happy.

Too Much of a Good Thing!

We are happy to announce our e-bay store, Too Much Of a Good Thing Here you will find fantastic savings on a variety of quality seasonal merchandise from pottery to linens. It is like having a year around sale twenty-four hours a day!It is very possible you may find a replacement dish to your prized collection that was accidently broken. FREE SHIPPING: If you live locally, you can pick up your merchandise, saving you on shipping fees. To visit our store and see what is currently available just click Too Much of a Good Thing