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In the beginning, on August 7, 1985, Cabrera's Family Restaurant first opened their doors to the locality of Arcadia California as a business venture of Mexican-American restaurant.

Cabrera's Mexican Cuisine The founder, Manuel Cabrera of the now recognized Cabrera's (which is the name of our business venture referencing to the surname), our goal was to surpass all expectations, by mixing the very accepted Mexican menu and the Magnificent American menu with the unconditional support of its family.

In such a manner, in the traveled venture in 1987 they were joined by their brother, Guillermo Torres, learning of the founder they broke barriers in the restaurant industry, achieving the success of Cabrera's.

After arduously working in the concept, the founder decided to test his opportunities to an avant-garde level and chose his Cousin, Efrain Cabrera, in support of the business venture in all aspects and challenges related to the restaurant sectors.

On September 1, 1995, Efrain Cabrera took the Financial and operating responsibilities of the today recognized business venture: Cabrera's, supporting the dream of its Cousins Mr. Cabrera and Mr. Torres achieving to arrive at the level that it presently possesses.

After performing a great job of Operations and Administration, Efrain Cabrera visualized that with a great concept of the product, offering excellent service to the client, in a pleasant and clean atmosphere, with employees motivated and proud of what they do, it would achieve the already successful formula that defines Cabrera's Mexican Cuisine.

Today, Cabrera's Mexican Cuisine operates and owns 3 localities with a professional enterprise that specializes in Mexican-American food and other dishes that are served with a very Mexican style.

The personalized focus of Cabrera's Mexican Cuisine, combined with the recognition of the business, serving delicious and fresh food, provides our various ranges of clients with a unique consistent experience. This focus results in a significant publicity by word of mouth and of recurrence.

And in such a manner are able to say proudly that our experience makes the difference.