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Don't Shop  for Your Next Car . . .

If shopping for a car is a hassle you would rather avoid.

Let Car Guides Do It for You ! 

If you have gone car shopping lately, you are probably familiar with some of the tactics and sales pitches you must endure in order to negotiate a 'Good Deal.' Shopping for a car can be confusing, time consuming and often frustrating.  Enter-Car Guides - Current Inventory

Car Guides was established as an alternative to traditional car shopping. Our mission is not to sell you a car but to help you buy (or lease) one. Our personal friendly auto advisors are knowledgeable in both purchasing or leasing and explain your options in  simple and straightforward  language.  Once we determine exactly what you want, you can kick back while we locate exactly what you want and negotiate a price on your behalf. There is no cost or obligation to you so you've got nothing to lose. If we are successful in finding what you want at a price you like we will arrange for your vehicle to be delivered, clean and with a full tank of gas, to you by your courteous professional auto advisor where you will find a smooth and fast delivery with no unexpected surprises. If we're not effective, thank us for our efforts and move on. However, thousands of people have found Car Guides to be the easiest most efficient way to save time and money on their vehicles. 

Car Guides


"I hate buying cars almost as much as I hate salesmen at car lots. It was a constant battle between me & every car pusher in town!  The last dealer I went to barely let me out alive! After having to beg to get my keys back and never seeing my registration again, I decided now wasn't a good time to get a car.  My sister mentioned Car Guides, so I gave it one more shot. Not only did I get EXACTLY the truck i wanted, I didn't have to box a few rounds to get it at the price I wanted.
I'm one happy lady!!!  
~ Jennifer Wade

" I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the work you did helping me to locate my dream car. Car Guides went above and beyond searching for my car and your personal attention and follow-up are typical of the excellent service that is received from you. (Ahh, if only you sold houses, furniture, clothes etc.)"
~ Sylvia Morga, Legal Secretary

" When my Ford Explorer was totaled in a traffic accident, I needed a replacement to conduct my business ASAP. After going to three different dealerships that couldn't meet my demands, a concerned person suggested I call Car Guides. The service was nothing short of fantastic, my order was filled in record time, I saved a substantial amount of money, and my business is back on the up-swing."
~ Eugene Lee, Business Owner

" I had been trying unsuccessfully for almost ONE FULL YEAR to order a vehicle through several dealerships. I was frustrated and about to give up when I heard about Car Guides. Within a few days, the vehicle so many people told me was impossible to get was sitting in my driveway, and I saved $2,100. I've been referring Car Guides to my friends and associates ever since."
~ Dan Spencer, Entrepreneur 

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