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Pasadena, CA 91106
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California College of Music

About Us


At the California College of Music our unique music programs offer certificate training for aspiring musicians, audio engineers, singers, music producers, DJs and songwriters.

We offer major programs in Music, Engineering and Music Production, and Artist Development. Over the years, students of all levels and playing styles have benefited from our state-of-the-art facilities, experienced instructors, and musical inspiration. Unique for its strong academics and genre-blending courses, our school is a breath of fresh air on the West Coast, offering a home to almost any kind of instrumentalist, vocalist, or producer. We have watched beginners blossom into well-versed, knowledgeable musicians, and advanced students surprise themselves by reaching the highest possible levels of musical competency.

CCM is the only music college in Los Angeles that offers DJing and Turntable Technology -- a part-time program which teaches both
hands-on DJing techniques as well as digital sampling and beat-matching using the Serato Scratch Live software package. We also provide Demo Recording Services for those students who are ready to record their songs in our state-of-the-art recording studios and complete a professional quality demo which will serve to represent the student's talent in the best possible light.

After serving thousands of students over almost a decade under its former name Pasadena International Music Academy, the California College of Music opened its doors at its current location in 2008 with a host of exciting new opportunities. The music faculty is now spearheaded by Wayne Henderson, a world-renowned music producer and trombonist, founder of the Jazz Crusaders. Reggie Dozier, recording engineer for artists such as Mary J. Blige, Justin Timberlake, and Earth, Wind & Fire, is now the director of our Engineering and Music Production department. We also have a long roster of well-known, industry professional instructors who bring with them years of musical experience and practical knowledge. The comprehensive musical education that CCM provides is among the best a young musician can find -- on par with the top universities and music conservatories in the country.

At the California College of Music you'll hear a turntable next to a big band ensemble, following an intense progressive-rock performance and a counterpoint lecture. Here you'll find a team of dedicated people and hungry talent. Visit us for a week and see what you think! We're always on the lookout for students who want to succeed and make music a bigger part of their lives.



The CCM Campus

California College of Music is located at 42 S. Catalina Avenue in the heart of beautiful Pasadena, CA.

We are conveniently situated near the 210, 134, and 110 freeways, as well as the Gold Line Metro Rail, just minutes from downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood. With an ample number of classrooms, practice rooms, and professionally outfitted recording studios, our facility provides all the resources that our students need to progress.

•  Practice Rooms: used for private lessons and student practice.

•  Lab Rooms: one for MIDI production, others for classes and ensembles.

•  Classrooms: for group lectures, sight-reading and sight singing classes, private lessons, and student practice.

•  Live Room: connected to the studio/control room for recording sessions, classes, and rehearsals.


There is ample parking around the school and we are within walking distance from City Bus and Metro Train stops.


For students who are looking for housing near CCM, we offer a housing placement service to assist our students in finding local homestay arrangements or student apartments not far from the school.




One standout facility on the California College of Music campus is our professional 48-track recording studio equipped with Digidesign Pro Tools, where students have the opportunity to learn the latest in cutting edge recording technology and MIDI production.

We teach students the skills and secrets of recording hit songs and engineering live sound in a hands-on environment. In-depth instruction is given in all the latest recording and sequencing software packages, including Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Reason, Cubase, Serato Scratch Live, and more.

Our studios were designed and implemented from the ground up by our Grammy-award winning faculty members, and our students have access to all the latest synths, sequencers, samplers and DJ equipment.





One great feature about California College of Music is that you have the opportunity to take classes not directly related to your program of study! This allows a cellist to take DJing, an engineer to take Music Theory, or a singer to study the music business. Depending on what your musical interests are, there are no limits to how far you can take your education!

Major programs



Designed for students who want to learn music theory and performance technique. > More...


Undoubtedly one of the most innovative programs available anywhere. > More...



For advanced performers who are ready to take their professional music career to the highest level possible. > More...


Part-Time Programs



Designed to create professional DJs, Turntablists, and Beatmakers. > More...



For instrumentalists, vocalists, or bands ready to launch their recording careers in the music industry. > More...


Demo Recording


The Demo Recording program is for instrumentalists, vocalists, or bands ready to launch their recording careers in the music industry. Artists record their own demo CD or album in our state-of-the-art recording studio facility, while working closely with a professional music producer.

Record your own demo in a state-of-the-art music studio

Develop and perfect your demo with professional musicians and songwriters

In addition to having exclusive recording studio time and professional production, artists also work closely with a songwriter and professional musicians to analyze every aspect of their song construction and arrangement.

Record a demo at California College of Music and let us help you market and promote your music

Learn how to market, promote and distribute your music

The Demo Recording program also includes 'Concept Creation,' where we assist artists in developing marketing strategies and materials for their music. Topics covered include website development, effective press photos, and merchandising via e-commerce and digital downloading.

Artists enrolled in this program also have the option of receiving private vocal and/or instrumental instruction.


Requirements :


1) High School diploma or equivalent.
2) Completed application and $75 app. fee

Each applicant to the Demo Recording program should submit a demo of one to three songs on CD or in MP3 format. Professional recordings are not required, but please submit material which best represents your stylistic interests and skill level. If you do not have any recorded music, a live placement audition here at CCM can be arranged.