CJ's Wing Cafe

2555 Lake Ave
Altadena, CA 91001
(626) 296-9464

Hours of Operation: 7days 11am -10:30pm

CJ's Wing Cafe

""...what hits those untouched sweet and tangy spots of your soul.""


CJ's Wing CafeLet's be frank.  Food tells a story.  It speaks of a culture, yet can also describe an individual.  From peasant dishes that tell a story about times of hardship, sweat, and struggle, to lavish spreads that explode with flavors born from excess.  And, only food can express anger and love all in one bite.  With this perspective, to eat without being sensitive to the story is just, well, eating. If so, save your money and jam a stick of butter in your mouth. It will absolutely be filling.  Personally, I love learning and peeling the layers of the metaphoric onion. From people to food, and from the simple to the complex, listening to the story is what hits those untouched sweet and tangy spots of your soul.

And for John, the managing partner at the new CJ Wings Cafe in Altadena, the story begins by his bringing the special "Boss Sauce" from the East coast, to the West. His Boss Sauce is called an "After Sauce" because it was created as a savory addition for after the food has been prepared; like a steak sauce or hot sauce.  But further peeling of the layers reveals a deeper tale. One of a committed struggle to see a vision come true to a restaurant dream, and to resurrect the unusual storied triangular building from the 50's-60's -- where CJ Wings Café is located.  For over a year, with the large plate glass windows covered in secrecy, residents curiously waited and watched while unsubstantiated rumors grew like well-watered weeds.  After John laughed at my version of the rumors, he told me the true story. Evidently, they were busy stripping and scraping away the years of successive business demons that have plagued the building since the 70's.  This wasn't an easy or cheap process, with new requirements for permits, months of waiting for code reviews, more required contractor changes...frankly, the doors would never have opened if it wasn't driven by a labor of love.  

But to the food.  John knows that you can never please everyone. His plan was to simply create a place where you could hang out and have heaping piles of comfort food, both familiar and unique.  

For example:
Small 10 pc. Chicken Wings Hot or Mild (Crispy wings dipped in Boss Sauce on white bread with ranch or blue cheese dressing, celery and  carrot sticks)....$7.99

Craz-E Boss Steak dipped with Boss Sauce Hot or Mild (8oz. steak with provolone cheese smothered with grilled onions, bell peppers, and mushrooms on a hoagie roll)....$8.99

Black & Tan Onion Rings...$4.50

Mama's Apple Pie (mounds and mounds of tart, fresh, crisp apples, saucy with cinnamon apple cider and loaded with crunchy granola's crumbs)...$5.95

...to name a few. Plus salads, and chicken tenders, and burgers that are hand packed and smothered in goodness.  Delicious basics with that little twist. I'll absolutely be back, but next time I'll take friends. Ahhh. But the storytellers who reside in the walls of this historic building are now finally smiling and cheering for CJ Wings Café.  But those onion rings. They sure don't need a story to survive.

This information Courtesy of Jason C. @ Yelp



It took a long time.  We walked by this place a million times before it opened.  We finally met the owner the night before the grand opening.  He told us his story like he did for Jason and it was so charming that we had to try it out for ourselves.
I am so happy to announce that we absolutely loved the Boss Sauce!  My son and I ordered the Boss Burgers with mild hot sauce and my boyfriend ordered the chicken tenders with Hot sauce.  All were extremely good.  As a matter of fact I would go as far as saying that I would prefer my burgers to have the famous Boss sauce.  The buns were very unique, soft and flavorful.  The fries were seasoned to perfection and the slaw , although a side dish, was a needed addition.  I'm so glad the boys have never been fans of coleslaw.

Joie P.

It seemed like years before Cj's was open. Finally one evening i drove by and saw LIGHTS ON. i ordered the managers special 10 wings, fries and a drink it was delicious. The wings are plump and sauce sweet, tangy just rights. I saved my 7 year old daughter some wings whom insisted we go back the following day in which we did and AGAIN we were satisfied. I'm not sure what taste buds  some other viewers had, but Cj's is definitely the place to eat. let's not forget about the desserts. It  sure was worth the wait.

Yolanda B.

We watched this small little place at the top of Lake for the longest time wondering if it was going to open or not. Finally we drove by and it was open for business. Our 8 year old son has been wanting to try the wings with the "Boss Sauce" from there since the sign went up. Last weekend we went there to see what was to be had and get him the wings he had been waiting to try. He was NOT disappointed. He Loves them! They are meaty, not puny little wing-let pieces and the Sauce is Great. The fries were good also. He is ready to go back. We tried a few other things also..the sweet potato fries were good..not greasy. Some honey mustard dressing would go well with them (hint). The Boss Burger was also very good...the grilled onions were sweet and very tasty. The sauce is good and the bun is not the average bland bun either. We ordered the Mild wings for him because a few others wanted to taste them also, he would have ordered the hot ones...but let me say... for mild..they had Some Kick!...not too hot, but not just your average sweet sauce. They were JUST RIGHT. Therefore I am going to assume that their hot wings and sauce... actually is HOT. Which is good...something described has hot ought to be. We will have to try the hot wings and post an update. But so far I can say "It was all good". Prices are reasonable. I know we will be stopping by here again. They are open until 10pm and there are a few nights a week we can't get to dinner until almost 9. CJ's is right on the way home.

Laura J.


CJ's Wing Cafe


CJ's Wing Cafe

CJ's Wing Cafe