Classic Kickboxing

91 E. Union Street
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Classic Kickboxing

Classic Kickboxing is a private studio located in the heart of Old Town Pasadena.

Classic Kickboxing:Classic Kickboxing

Classic Kickboxing

Classic Kickboxing is a private studio located in the heart of Old Town Pasadena.

Classic Kickboxing sets itself apart from other studios in that our trainers are professional boxing and kickboxing champions with over a decade of teaching experience! Participants will experience the fitness routine of a professional fighter in a safe environment. We welcome all fitness levels and promise a challenging, fun workout tailored to your needs. If you want to burn fat, lose weight, learn self-defense skills, build lean muscle, and increase your flexibility, then Classic Kickboxing is the studio for you!


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Our Gym:

Classic Kickboxing


Boxing/Kickboxing Bootcamp

The class you'll hate to love! This is a 60 minute intense class designed to work your entire body and burn fat! The class incorporates cardiovascular, strength and flexability training (the key fitness elements). Participants will be taken through a challenging workout using various boxing equipment, jump ropes, hand weights, resistance tubing, mats and body sculpting exercises. All fitness levels welcome, but be careful... This class is addicting!



Boxing Techniques

Secrets Revealed! Learn the tricks of the trade in this 60 minute boxing class. Our trainers will focus to improve your basic boxing form and explain the proper methods of attack and defense.

Private Lessons Classic Kickboxing

Classic Kickboxing offers private lessons (boxing or kickboxing) with professional fighters. In this one of a kind workout, you will learn proper technique and train like a professional fighter! Your private lesson will be tailored to your fitness needs and includes a total body workout. The workout is held in a boxing ring and on the workout floor.

It consists of:

technique and stance instruction - punching/kicking focus mitts and pads - punching/kicking heavy bag, speed bag, double-end bag and water bag - cardiovascular exercises - upper body conditioning - lower body conditioning - learning self-defense skills - building lean muscle

*semi-private lessons also available (2 people train for the price of one)

You can view our Class Schedule Here!

Classic Kickboxing

Classic Kickboxing

Classic Kickboxing

Meet the Trainers:

Mauricio Gonzalez:

Mauricio is the owner of Classic Kickboxing. He has been a martial arts practioner and competitor for over 25 years. Mauricio has been sharing his extensive knowledge of kickboxing with his Pasdena area students for more than 14 years. His imprerssive credentials include:

5 time Columbian National Tae Kwon Do Champion - 2 time Columbian National Kickboxing Champion - South American Open Tournament Champion - United States National Kickboxing Champion - United States National Muay Thia Champion

Alastair Martin:

18 years of experience in the art of Capoeira - A.F.A.A., N.E.S.T.A., and N.A.S.M. certified

Attila H.:

2 time Hungarian National Kickboxing Champion - N.A.S.M. certified professional trainer

Marisa Lavezoli:

Certified Kickboxing Instructor with over 11 years experience

Pepe Reilly:

USA National Boxing Champion - USA Olympic Boxing Team

Rafael Herrera:

Panamerican Games Silver Medalist - Tae Kwon Do - 7 time Columbian National Tae Kwon Do Champion

Ralph Carmona:

5 years of formal kickboxing/boxing training - N.P.T.I. Certified

Simon Herrera:

USA Boxing Instructor - N.A.H.F. and E.F.T.I. Certified

Classic Kickboxing: