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Concrete Expressions!

Concrete Expressions!What is it?
At Concrete Expressions!, we specialize in turning plain, old 'naked' concrete into dazzling works of art. The material we install is a specially-formulated cementicious acrylic compound that bonds permanently to concrete and provides a colorful, non-slip surface.
How do you do it?
We apply the Stardek product line. We start by thoroughly cleaning and etching your existing slab. Next we fill holes and cosmetically repair cracks. After all the preparation is complete, we mask off your surrounding walls and surfaces.
Next, we start to add color. This is what we call the 'grout' coat. When this is dry we apply a special form of masking tape to create any pattern you can dream of.
Then we add the 'primary color' coat. This creates the main color for the 'bricks', 'tiles', 'stones' or whatever other form desired. We can also sprinkle 'highlight' colors to bring out existing colors of your house or property. When all this is dry, we remove the tape and reveal a stunning pattern!
Lastly, we apply an acrylic sealer that is waterproof and stain resistant. This sealer gives the finished product a perpetually 'wet' look. We also add a special aggregate material that creates a non-slip surfaces and adds a sparkle reminiscient of tiny jewels that sparkle in the sunlight!
What about old concrete?
We can rennovate almost any concrete you may have. Even old broken and cracked driveways. In fact, the worse they are, the more we can improve them!