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The guiding principles of Pilates include: Breath, Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision and Flow. Learning the Pilates exercises helps to impart these principles to every level or the body and mind through understanding and using the body's Powerhouse. The impact of applying these guidelines to other aspects of our lives is what makes Pilates such a powerful tool for health, fitness and rehabilitation. Each exercise in the method offers an opportunity to stretch, strengthen and align the body. Done seated, standing or lying down, people of all ages benefit from Pilates exercises and concepts of movement education.

The BalleCoreŽ Workout is based in the mind-body principles of Pilates and Yoga with the artistry and athleticism of Ballet. The integration of these three disciplines in a seamless flow is creatively composed and choreographed to inspiring music. Designed to be accessible, fun and effective for all ages, fitness levels and exercise backgrounds, there is no dancing or combinations to memorize! You can just follow the flow of this low to non-impact class at your own pace:

Yamuna Body Rolling is a revolutionary approach to health and fitness that creates both positive and long lasting changes in your body. The specially designed 4 - 9 inch balls and Foot Savers and Wakers are used in various routines that match the body's own logic and order to re-educate muscles and stimulate bone:

Walk-n-Roll Pilates is designed as a one-on-one session or workshop that teaches concepts of movement, including Pilates, as they relate specifically to walking and moving with MBT physiological footwear.
Charlyn d'Anconia is a PMA Gold, BASI Pilates, BalleCore and Yamuna Body Rolling Certified Instructor with over 15 years of experience. Overcoming pain and poor posture from scoliosis, improper rehab for injuries and ineffective 'workouts' through Pilates inspired a life long passion for finding solutions through movement. As a professional actress and speaker, Charlyn has seen the benefits of this training in all aspects of her life and wanted a space to offer anyone interested the opportunity to learn the valuable skills of vocal connection and control, as well as the sheer joy of the voice as part of the body! As the owner of Playhouse Pilates she hand picks experienced and talented instructors in cutting edge fitness and health for her programs and workshops. So, she invites you to consider stagnant stretches and boring routines a thing of the past!