Criscon Body WorksCriscon Body Works
Center for Therapeutic Massage
915 East Las Tunas Drive
San Gabriel, Ca 91766

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Hours of Operation: For Appointment or Further Information Please call us @ 626-292-2296

Criscon Body Works

Criscon Body Works offers all types of therapeutic massage, by licensed, insured certified massage therapists, to bring about balance of mind, body and spirit.

We cater to individuals of both genders and all ages in a safe non sexual atmosphere. Offering special rates for students.
Relaxation – therapeutic massage, for stress reduction, sore and stiff muscles, headaches, back problems and repetitive strain injuries.
Sports Massage, to include pre and post event, conditioning and sports related injuries, utilizing massage techniques, facilitated stretching and if required hydrotherapy.
Pregnancy Massage for the expectant mother in all three trimesters in a specially designed fully supportive cradle which allows the mother to relax on her stomach.
Specialty Massages for fibromyalgia and other neurological problems, children with ADHD, individuals recovering from other minor addictions, cancer patients and others who are recovering from or about to have surgeries.

We utilize various techniques such as Swedish Massage, acupressure, deep tissue myofacial release, lymphatic drainage to tailor your massage to your immediate needs.

Criscon Body Works