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Dahn Yoga

Dahn Yoga

Regular Dahn Yoga class includes stretching, breathing exercise and meditation. It is geared for all levels, easy for beginners to follow and challenging enough for the advanced practitioner.

Introduction To Dahn Yoga:

Dahn Yoga (also known as Dahn Hak® or Dahnhak®) is a holistic health and training program that empowers individuals to manage their own bodies well in order to become more healthy, happy and peaceful. Dahn Yoga Centers accomplish this mission through the creation of tools to foster the health and well-being of the individual, family and society as a whole.

In Korean, "Dahn" means energy, vitality, and origin of life, and "Hak" means study, philosophy, and theory. Dahnhak is the study of energy (Ki, Chi) and how to use it for personal empowerment by restoring mind/body communication.

Each Basic Yoga class in a Dahn Yoga studio includes stretching, breathing and relaxation techniques, meditation, martial arts and energy work. For those with diverse interests, Dahn Yoga also offers special programs, workshops, retreats and other advanced-level training opportunities. At Dahn Yoga, there is something for everyone.

In 2006, Dahn Yoga introduced two exciting new training methods.The first, DahnMuDo, also referred to as "The Art of Being Limitless," is an energy-based, non-combative, healing martial art and Qigong. This mind-body training method combines martial arts movements with Dahn energy principles to quickly strengthen the body and correct structural problems, while also stimulating the body's natural healing abilities. The Jung Choong Breathing method, developed by a senior Dahn instructor, and researched over the last five years, heals and revitalizes the body by accumulating energy and improving circulation.Through five simple postures focusing on breathing and proper positioning of the body, practitioners can release stagnant energy, while accumulating fresh, new energy in the lower abdomen, also known as the Dahn-Jon (energy center) or 2nd Chakra, a vital energy center in the body, according to Oriental medicine theory.

Since the first Dahn Yoga Center opened in 1985, the practice has grown to some 600 centers worldwide, with some 200,000 active members in 7 countries (50,000 in the United States).

Dahn Yoga

Basic Yoga Class Description:

Typical Class with Qigong (DahnMuDo)
Basic yoga class sessions are approximately 1 hour long and may include the following:

 Meridian Stretching
 Breathing and Relaxation Techniques
 Meditation and Energy Training
 Qigong (DahnMuDo)
 Tea with Instructor and Fellow Practitioners
Meridian Stretching
Meridian stretching exercises are designed to open the meridian channels, improve flexibility and increase the energy circulation that makes natural healing possible. These movements also improve body balance and overall fitness, and promote stress relief.
Breathing and Relaxation Techniques
Jung Choong breathing and relaxation techniques is a new training method introduced to Dahn Yoga practitioners in 2006. Jung is a Korean word that refers to energy and the body, while Choong refers to fulfillment. Learn how to relax and release stagnant energy, while simultaneously filling the body with fresh, new "ki," or, "life force" energy, simply by curling up your tailbone!
Meditation and Energy Training
Energy-based meditation facilitates a state of awareness and clears the mind of negative emotions and troubling thoughts.
Qigong (DahnMuDo)
Qigong (DahnMuDo) is an energy-based, non-combative, healing martial art. It is a mind-body training method combining martial arts movements with the energy principles of Dahn Yoga. In DahnMuDo, you will learn to use internal energy, rather than the external energy of your muscles. The ultimate goal of the training, as with QiGong, is to awaken and develop our innate power in order to attain mastery over the body, mind and spirit.
Tea With Teacher and Fellow Practitioners
Our basic yoga class usually ends with a brief period of sharing over freshly-brewed herbal tea. Tea time serves as a gentle transition period from your Dahn Yoga practice to the real world.