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Hours of Operation: Sunday - Monday Closed / Tuesday: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm / Wednesday - Friday: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

deCroupet's Specialty Cakes

deCroupet's Specialty Cakes From Wedding Cakes to Birthday Cakes to Specialty Cakes, we specialize in making the cake that's just right for you!

Since each cake is hand-crafted, and we refuse to lower our decorating standards, we deCroupet's Specialty Cakes have a maximum amount of cake orders we can take on any given day. Please book your order as soon as possible. It's not uncommon for us to be booked 2 weeks in advance.

Our Store is fully stocked with supplies for the decorator in you!

We have decorating tips, pastry bags, gumpaste tools, cookie cutters, sanding sugars, cake pans, cardboard circles, cake boxes, and even some of those hard to find ingredients, like meringue power and glucose ... The list can go on and on.

About The Sisters

My sister and I decided to open this store back in 1998 - because we love sweets. There are three parts to our store: making cakes and cookies, selling baking supplies, and teaching classes.

Since we have opened, we have made thousands of cakes, from birthdays to weddings. We really enjoy creating new designs that deCroupet's Specialty Cakes are perfect for every party!

We are a fully stocked cake supply store. We specialize in cake supplies, but also have a large selection of chocolate, cookie, and cupcake supplies. You should be able to find the tools to create your own goodies.

We also offer a wide selection of classes. Most are cake decorating, but we have specialty classes in flower making, cookie decorating, chocolate making and more. We have many classes for either adults or children. Check the "Classes" section for our current schedule of classes.

We (Janine and Cheryl) are both born and raised here in Los Angeles and have been baking for years. Cheryl graduated in Pastries at the Culinary Institute of American in New York. So, I leave all the baking to her. But I will always be involved in the design and decoration of the cakes. Our customers have dubbed us "the cake sisters", and we can't argue. We make cakes and we are sisters. Plus, its easier to pronounce then our store name deCroupet's (day-crew-pay).

Our Cakes

We love cakes! We've made so many cakes that you would think we
would be sick of them. Not so! We love them even more!deCroupet's Specialty Cakes

We custom design cakes for any and all occasions, whether it's a
birthday, graduation, or wedding.

Not sure of a design? We have a number of albums filled with
pictures of cakes we have made that you are welcome to look
through. This is a good way to get some inspiration for the cake
you want. You can create your own design or simply pick a cake
from a picture.

If you are looking for that special wedding cake design, we have
lots of ideas and pictures. We encourage brides (and sometimes
grooms) to search online or in magazines to get some ideas.
There are so many incredible cake designs available, the perfect
design for you is out there. Don?t Settle! We would love to design
your cake to match your wedding.

Since each cake is hand-decorated, and we absolutely refuse to lower our decorating standards, we
have a maximum amount of cake orders that we can take for any given day. While we hate having to
turn people away, it does happen. Please book your order as soon as possible. It's not uncommon for us
to be booked 2 weeks in advance.

You can be sure that the cakes taste as good as they look.
We have a large variety of cakes and fillings to choose from.
You can match any cake flavor with any filling. We have great
chocolate cakes, vanilla cakes, lemon cakes, spice cakes,
tres leche cakes and more. One of my personal favorites is a
chocolate cake with raspberry mousse with chocolate bits.
Everyone has their own tastes, we really try to have a cake for
everyone...even you!
Click here to view our available cake, filling and icing flavors    Or, click here to view our current prices

Our Classes

deCroupet's Specialty Cakes

Our Cake Decorating Classes are designed to teach a variety of techniques that are fundamental to
professional cake decorating. The classes start with the basics and work up to more advanced
projects and techniquies. We have 3 standard class levels that consist of 5 two-hour sessions.

Beginning Class(5 two-hour sessions)
In this first class, we teach the fundamentals of cake decorating:
• filling cakes
• icing cakes
• borders
• decorative writing
• drop flowers and roses

These are just a few techniques
you will be able to use to transform
an ordinary cake into a work of art.

Intermediate Class(5 two-hour sessions)
In this second set of classes, you will
improve your skills by using more advanced
decorating techniques:
• piping figures
• blooming roses
• detailed lace work
• basket weave
• side drapes

deCroupet's Specialty Cakes

Advanced Class(5 two-hour sessions)
The third set of class has the highest level
of difficulty but produces the most impressive
cakes of all
• two-tone flowers,
• ruffles
• cut out cakes
• advanced basket weave
• two tiered cakes

Prices vary by class, Beginning Class is $65.00 for 5 two-hour sessions. The Intermediate Class is $70.00 for
5 two-hour sessions and the Advance Class is $70.00 for 5 two-hour sessions. To ensure handson instruction,
classes are limited to 12 people per class. Class fees must be paid upon registration to secure your class spot.

We can't stress the importance of registering early. Use the scedule link at the top to see when the next set of classes are being offered. You can register by phone with a credit card or come in during store hours.

Specialty Classes (time and number of sessions vary)
Throuhgout the year we offer a variety of holiday and seasonal
cake decorating classes. These classes offer a variety of techniques
and designs. Some techniques that are covered are the following:
• Gum paste flowers
• Wedding cakes
• Royal icing flowers
• Marzapan fruit
• Petit fours
• Holiday designs


deCroupet's Specialty Cakes


Not only do we make cakes, but we have all the supplies you would need to make a fantastic creation of your own. The list below just scratches the surface of what we actually have. Even the pictures don't
do our inventory justice.






We have an abundant stock of:
• Over 150 decorating tips
• Pastry bags - all sizesdeCroupet's Specialty Cakes
• Palet knives - all sizes
• Icing colors
• Clear vanilla
• Icing
• Glucose
• Merienge powder
• Pans - round, square, rectagle
• Character pans
• Card boards
• Masonite boards

• Dollies
• Boxes
• Plates and pillars
• Gum paste flowers - pre-made
• Petal dust
• Gum paste cutters
• Baking cups
• Muffin tins - small to jumbo
• Tart pans - with removable bottoms
• Parchment papers
• Spring form pans
• Candles - all colors and characters