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Deja Vu Med Spa

Deja Vu Med Spa

About Us

IDeja Vu Med Span 1999 Total Skin Care Centers was founded on the idea that the highest quality skin care should be provided in a comfortable, relaxing environment. Today, this concept is used by skin care providers worldwide. We continue being an innovator and leader in the skin care industry by offering the newest products and services and using only state-of-the art equipment. We also offer in house financing and run monthly promotions in order to make our services as affordable as possible. We understand that healthy, beautiful skin is essential to a beautiful you and that a beautiful you is essential to total well being.

At Total Skin Care Centers, our goal is to enhance the quality and health of your skin. In order to meet all of your skin care needs, we offer clinical procedures, relaxing treatments, holistic therapies and cosmetic services. We carry a variety of quality skin care products and offer several skin care programs which reduce the cost of individual treatments and maximize results. Our staff includes physicians and licensed estheticians who work together to provide you with the highest quality skin care available. Our staff is prompt, friendly and professional and our services are performed in private, comfortable rooms. We welcome many insurance programs and offer evening and weekend appointments.

Consultations with our licensed estheticians are always free. They will evaluate the condition of your skin with a Derma-Scope, the latest in skin care technology that produces up to a 200x magnification of the epidermis. Both you and the esthetician will be able to identify areas of dry, oily, healthy and injured skin, acne conditions, broken and enlarged capillaries, pigmentation, freckles and moles. After properly assessing the condition of your skin, the correct procedure can be recommended. In addition, your skin will be reevaluated to determine the effect of subsequent treatments and product usage.


Cosmetic Services


Collagen Facial - A collagen mask is applied to add elasticity and soothe fine lines, making the skin smooth and soft.

Deja Vu Med Spa

Complex C Facial - A nourishing vitamin C mask is applied to treat dry and depleted skin and to create a firmer, more vibrant appearance.

European Facial - The skin is cleansed and soothed and a European-style massage is applied to the face, neck and décolleté. Includes paraffin hand treatment.

Gentlemen's Facial - Impurities are extracted and a soothing mask applied, followed by a head and neck massage.

New York Facial - A ½ hour treatment in which the skin is cleansed, followed by a soothing mask and deep hydrating moisturizer.

Venetian Facial - A 1½-hour treatment that includes a European Facial plus a relaxing hand and foot massage.

Skin Treatments

Cleansing - Emphasizes extraction of impurities and is recommended for treating acne. Available separately for chest and back. A series of 8 is recommended for the best results.

Deep Hydrating - Hydrates deep tissues, enriching intercellular connections and allowing the skin to stay moisturized and resilient.

Hyper-Pigmentation - Acid peels and bleaching creams are combined to lessen the appearance of discoloration and even skin tone. A series of treatments is recommended for optimum results.

Chemical Peels - Chemical peels are used for acne, acne scarring, pigmentation, pore size reduction, fine lines, skin tone and texture improvement.
We have many different type of chemical peels. Salicylic peels are the more gentle peel, followed by the Vitalize peel. The most aggressive peel is a TCA peel. this peel is preformed by a physician of physician assistant. All peels can be done at different degrees.

Biomedic Peel/Salicylic Peel - are the more gentle peels, we can use 20% (good for acne-peels right away) or 30% solution (2-3 days before client peels). This is good for oily/acne skin and makes pigmentation lighter. This peel is allergic to aspirin, so this is not suggested for people who takes such regularly. Try to have client come with a clean face. Duration of treatment can be done every 2 weeks.

Vitalized Peel - brings benefits of alpha-hydroxy acids, provides strong but gentle formulation. Even after 1 peel, you will notice improvement of skin texture and tone, lessening of fine lines and healthier/youthful appearance. It is clinically proven to help pigmentation problems like age spots. It is safe and effective for all skin types. Duration of treatment can be done every 2 weeks.

TCA Peel - is the strongest, most aggressive peel, this can be use up to 70% but WE only use 30% . Down time - (skin will be red/peeling) for about 1-2 weeks. This is suggested for Deep Acne Scarring and aging skin. This can only be done by the PA. Duration of treatment depends on skin type, at least once a month- once every 2 months.

Microdermabrasion - The topmost layer of skin is exfoliated and vacuumed away, evening skin tone and color, soothing fine lines and wrinkles and diminishing scars, stretch marks and age spots. This is a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure requiring no downtime and which can make a dramatic difference in the appearance of your skin. A series of treatments is recommended for maximum results.

Aqua Lift Mask - Can be added to any of our facial services or purchased separately. Tones, hydrates and tightens the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Quick Extraction - Inflamed and infected pores are drained.


Waxing on a regular basis provides smooth, hair-free skin that looks and feels healthy. For many, it is the most practical, affordable way to remove unwanted hair on any part of the body. Areas waxed include: Upper Lip, Chin, Sides of Face, Eyebrows, Under Arm, Neck, Half Arm, Full Arm, Feet, Stomach, Bikini, Brazilian, Playboy, Full Bikini, Half Leg, Full Leg, Bikini & Leg, Chest, Half Back, Full Back, Full Body.

Deja Vu Med SpaMassages

Swedish Massage - Long, smooth strokes are used to generate warmth and relieve the body of stress and tension.

Deep Tissue Massage - Fingertips and thumbs are pressed deeply into the muscles to alleviate soreness and tightness. Can include trigger point therapy.

Combination Massage - Deep Tissue Massage techniques are applied to selected areas while Swedish Massage techniques are used on the remaining areas.

Sports Massage - Targets specific areas that are sore and/or tense due to physical activity. Emphasizes deep tissue techniques and stretching.

Hot Stone Massage - Heated Basalt Lava stones are used in conjunction with relaxing massage techniques to create extra warmth and comfort.

Hand & Foot Massage - Can be purchased alone or added to any other service to provide additional relaxation and comfort.

Aromatherapy Massage - Add essential oils to any massage to create a heightened sense of relaxation.

Reflexology - Applies pressure to specific areas of the feet in order to restore energy flow and enhance overall health.

Body Treatments

Detox - Stimulates circulation and helps the body eliminate toxins. Herbs used include ginger root, rosemary leaf, allspice berry, eucalyptus leaf and clove stems.

Rejuvenating - Enhances the metabolism using herbs that create an uplifting environment. Herbs used are sage leaf, rosemary leaf, juniper berry, calendula petal, chamomile flower, comfrey leaf, rose petal, hibiscus, roses.

Rose Petal - Creates a pleasant and relaxing environment using only rose petals and hibiscus.

Soothing - Increases blood circulation and reduces swelling while providing a peaceful experience. Herbs used are yarrow flower, linden flower, strawberry leaf, chamomile flower, lavender petal, blue malva flower, comfrey root.

Parafango - Applied to thighs, buttocks, hips and abdomen in order to help reduce the appearance of cellulite by drawing toxins from fat cells and stimulating fluid elimination. Six to ten treatments are recommended for best results.

Special Packages
Services can be combined to enhance effectiveness and extend relaxation. Choose from the selection below or make your own package.

Urban Escape - Swedish Massage & European Facial.
Havana Retreat - Swedish Massage & Body Wrap.
Rose Garden - Body Wrap & European Facial.
Mediterranean Bliss - Swedish Massage, European Facial & Body Wrap.

Additional Services

Paraffin Hand Treatment - The hands are dipped in warm paraffin and wrapped to moisturize and nourish the skin.
Eye Treatment - A special revitalizing lotion and contour pads are placed over the eyes to reduce puffiness and give the eye area a refreshed appearance.
Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting - A tint is applied to the eyelashes/eyebrows, enhancing the eyes by adding depth and color.
Eyelash Perming - The eyelashes are curled using rods and a perm solution, adding vitality and energy to your appearance.
Permanent Make-Up - Put away your make-up! Colored inks are indelibly applied into the skin, replacing the need for eyeliner, eyebrow pencil and lipstick.
Ear Candeling - A Centuries-old practice used to relieve pressure, wax build-up and inner ear blockage.

Medical Services

Botox Cosmetic® is a purified component of Clostridium Botulinum bacterium toxin. It is manufactured from the bacterium in much the same way that penicillin is manufactured from a mold. Botox Cosmetic® is not a poison, but a naturally occurring protein that is prepared under exacting laboratory standards. The protein is diluted to such a degree that its effects are restricted to the area injected.

How does it work?
Dynamic facial wrinkles, the most prominent visible signs of aging, result from repeated contraction of certain facial muscles. Botox Cosmetic® is administered to the muscle that creates a wrinkle. Botox Cosmetic® temporarily blocks the nerve impulse from reaching that area and, as a result, weakens the muscle. As the muscle relaxes, wrinkles in the skin gradually soften and often disappear completely. Botox can also be used to treat excessive perspiration of the palms and underarms.

FDA approved and available to you! Erase your wrinkles and enhance your lips. It's natural & safe, with no animal products and no allergy testing necessary. It produces immediate results, causes only minimal discomfort, has no downtime and usually lasts from six to nine months.

Photo Facial
A gentle, effective light treatment that smooths over acne scars, shrinks pores and eliminates pigmented and vascular lesions. This treatment is particularly good at reducing the redness of rosacea. The treatment lasts 30 minutes and there is usually only minimal redness, pain and/or swelling. You can return to work or class immediately afterwards.

Laser Hair Removal
Use of state of the art equipment makes permanent hair reduction a fast and virtually painless process. The procedure lasts 5-30 minutes depending on the size of the area being treated and causes only minimal redness and/or swelling. You can return to your daily activities immediately afterwards. Eight to twelve treatments are recommended for optimum results.

Intense Pulsed Light Acne Treatment
Light based therapy is a revolutionary approach to treating acne. It is as powerful as many prescription medications but without any of the side effects. It is quick, virtually painless, requires little or no downtime and usually produces only minimal redness and/or swelling.

Blue Light Treatment
The OMNILUX Light-Emitting Diode (LED) System is a non-invasive and sensation free treatment for acne and other skin imperfections. Also known as Blue Light and Red Light Therapy, the OMNILUX looks like a flat panel computer screen and it is activated three inches above the skin for a period of 16 to 20 minutes. The Blue Light is used to treat mild to moderate acne while the Red Light is used to treat severe acne as well as fine lines and wrinkles. A series of eight treatments twice a week, followed by four treatments once a week is recommended for optimum results.

Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT)
Break through technology in which photo sensitizing solutions are applied to the skin prior to light based therapy. The skin becomes more sensitive to light, increasing treatment results dramatically! PDT can be used in conjunction with both Intense Pulse Light and Blue Light Therapy. It is especially effective in treating acne where it has been shown to have the equivalent efficacy to Accutane without the potentially dangerous side effects. The photo sensitizing solution must be allowed to penetrate the skin for at least 30-45 minutes and extra precautions must be taken to avoid sunlight for the 24-48 hours following the light based therapy.

Acne Surgery
Papules and pustules are drained and dead skin cells are exfoliated using either a chemical peel or microdermabrasion. A medicated mask and soothing gel are also used to dry and calm the skin when needed. Most insurance plans cover the cost of treating acne.

Injections are used to reduce the appearance of unwanted leg veins.

Mole Wart and Skin Tag Removal

Nutrition and Weight Loss
Medically assisted weight loss program consisting of herbal and/or prescription medications, counseling, personalized diet plans, body composition analysis and vitamin therapy.