I Dig My Dog

2160 E. Foothill Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91107

Hours of Operation: Give us a call to discuss your specific needs. (626)844-7877

I Dig My Dog

Home of the Dog Bone Pool!!

I Dig My Dog: I Dig My Dog ~ Dog Bone Pool!!!

I Dig My Dog is a comprehensive cage-free boarding, daycare and training facility, designed to provide the highest quality care for your best friend. Our guests stay with us for a variety of reasons and for any length of time, from a few hours to a few months. We are dedicated to a superior quality of care and cleanliness throughout our 23,000 square foot facility - from our indoor and outdoor play areas to our bone-shaped swimming pool.
Come visit us to see our happy dogs at play!

Services & Rates:

Cage-Free Boarding at I Dig My Dog.

After you and your dog have been through our evaluation process, you are welcome to utilize our boarding services. Our unique hotel environment, staffed 24 hours a day, provides an open, clean and safe haven for your dog's vacation.

Reservations are required for boarding. We recommend reservations be made a week in advance for a non-holiday stay and at least a month in advance for a holiday boarding. A 50% deposit is needed to reserve a holiday stay, which is fully refundable or changeable up to 48 hours prior to your scheduled arrival date. If you would like your dog bathed at the end of a boarding stay, please request a bath when placing the reservation.

I Dig My DogWhat To Bring
We serve breakfast and dinner that you provide for the duration of your dog's stay. Please pack meal-sized portions including cookies and treats if desired. If you prefer, we also offer house food for a nominal fee. We can accommodate any diet and any medication regimen and there is no charge for this service. We provide bowls, doggie beds and toys. Please make sure your dog is wearing a collar with a name tag.

Check In/Out
Check in and check out is offered anytime during our open hours. To ensure that your dog gets maximum playtime and a good night's rest, drop him off earlier in the day for an overnight stay. Boarders are charged for every night that they stay with us.

On the day of departure, our checkout times are 11:30 am Monday - Saturday and 1 pm on Sunday. If your dog is picked up after our checkout times a full daycare charge of $30 is applied. Feel free to let your dog enjoy daycare on the day of his departure!

We accept payment for services at time of check in.

$40/night for communal boarding
$48/night for private suite boarding*

Long Term Discount
10% off the regular boarding rate after the 7th night

Family Discount
10% off for the second and 15% off for the third dog

*Private suites are required for dogs that are not spayed or neutered. Private suites can also be reserved for dogs with special needs. Please contact us for details.

Daycare at I Dig My Dog.I Dig My Dog

After you and your dog have been through our evaluation process, you are welcome to utilize our daycare services. Just one look at the dogs romping, swimming and playing in our facility will convince you that daycare is a fun, safe and healthy alternative to staying at home.
Give your dog the gift of play - bring him in for the day!

We also offer a daycare "primp-n-play". The primp-n-play includes a day of fun and play at daycare ending in a bath scheduled at the end of the daycare session. Although no reservations are required for daycare alone, it is best to reserve primp-n-play dates in advance.

Reservations are not needed for daycare and we accept payment for services at time of drop off.

$30/full day - 4-12 hours of playtime
$16/half day - 0-4 hours of playtime

Frequent Visitor Discount
20 full day visits for $510
15% off the regular daycare rate ($90 savings!)

Family Discount
10% off for the second and 15% off for the third dog

Training at I Dig My Dog.

Our training philosophy is founded on developing clear communication with your dog by establishing understandable boundaries and respect. A happy, healthy bond is fostered through consistent and thorough application of our training techniques. Our training is guaranteed if you and your dog have completed a minimum of 5 hours with one of our professional trainers for the lifetime of your dog.

I Dig My DogPrivate Lessons
We offer personal training designed to suit your specific needs. Our professional trainers can educate you and your dog on everything from puppy manners to aggression issues. To address behavior issues, please see our section on behavior modification.

$65/hour for on site training
$85/hour for in home training (within an 8 mile radius)

Group Lessons
Our small class setting of six dogs maximum/class is an option for clients seeking basic obedience for their dogs. While we address specific needs of the students, the class curriculum covers the following commands:

* Come
* Sit
* Down
* Off
* Leave It
* Settle
* Stay
* Heel and Walking Etiquette

Boarding and Training Packages
For those clients with schedule constraints who would prefer a more consistent and intensive training course, consider one of our boarding and training packages. One of our experienced trainers will work with your dog individually to address basic obedience or specific behavior issues. This combination of intensive learning and extricating the dog from his current environment is a successful way to combat many behavioral issues, as well as set up a solid foundation for obedience. During the training process, our trainers work with your dog daily and update you on his progress. After boarding, we keep appointments with you to review and to ensure that the training your dog has learned here will be smoothly implemented at home.
I Dig My Dog

Standard Package
$105/day for 3-7 days of boarding and training

Premium Package
$95/day for 8-15 days of boarding and training

Intensive Re-Conditioning Package
$85/day for 16-30 days of boarding and training

Please contact us for extended boarding and training rates

Behavior Modifications at I Dig My Dog.

Problems outside the scope of basic obedience - for example digging, incessant barking, separation anxiety, and some forms of aggression, require specific training agendas tailored to your situation and your dog's personality. Please contact I Dig My Dog to speak to one of our professional trainers to find out more about these intensive training and reconditioning programs.

I Dig My DogGrooming at I Dig My Dog.

While muddy paws and a wet coat are often evidence of a happy and adventurous dog, we want you to enjoy a clean dog at home. We use only the best all-natural products. A gentle hypoallergenic oatmeal shampoo and conditioning oatmeal cream rinse is applied, followed by a mink oil and cologne spritz that leaves a soft, shiny coat. Also included in the bath are ears and eye cleaning and a thorough brush, fluff and dry.

Appointments and current vaccination records are required. Please see the section under New Guests for our vaccination requirements.

$35/standard dog (prices may vary according to coat)
$25/petite dog
$10/nail trim

Leashes, Collars, Attire and Food at I Dig My Dog:

We carry only the best quality in nutrition and supplies for your dog.

Dietary Supplements:

* Missing Link
* Homeopet
* Wellness Supplements
* K-9 Liquid Helath
* Pet Tabs
* G-Whiz
Grooming Supplies:

* BioGroom
* Coastal
Leashes, Collars, Harnesses (including an array of active wear and accessories):

* Circle T
* Ruff Wear
* Halti
* Lupine
* Woof Wear
* Coastal
* Colorado Collars


* Kyjen Pet Purse Carriers
* Precision Crates/Beds
* Raised Feeders
* Pet Active Wear and Accessories


Do you know what is in your dog's food?

All men may be created equal, but dog food isn't! Be a loving and responsible pet owner by carefully examining the ingredients in your favorite dog food. It's easy to do, but don't skip over names and/or phrases you don't recognize. For example, by-products include any part of the animal including slaughterhouse discards. And while healthful for humans, products like corn, wheat, or soy have little or no nutritional value for your dog.

Does your pet have an allergy, skin irritation, poor coat, etc? Inferior food is frequently the root cause. Optimize the nutritional content of what they eat by purchasing foods that place wholesome meats and vegetables at the top of the ingredients list.

Our entire product line conforms to superior nutritional standards. Some of the brands we endorse are:

* Wellness
* Nature's Variety - Prairie
* Innova and California Natural (produced by Natura)
* Canidae


Images will be posted SOON!!

Happy Tails From I Dig My Dog!:

"To all of our caring, fun human pals. thank you for tossing the balls, putting up with our antics and making our days so much fun. We come home smiling (and sooo tired) - and then count the hours till we can do it all again!"

-Karen with "Molly" & "Brio" (Yellow labs)

"I would like to thank Lundy and her staff personally for continuing to take such excellent care of Bailey when she's at 'camp'. It's clear to me that your employees love Bailey: they are always happy to see her. As you know Bailey loves it there, she always comes home exhausted after playing all day - or week - or month! I would also like to thank you personally for helping me train her, Lundy. I think she is a remarkable dog! You told me that a year or so Bailey would be amazing. I think she already is. Whenever I take her out, strangers come up to me and tell me how well behaved she is. Thanks to you, my naughty little puppy has grown and developed into a wonderful young dog. Thanks again for everything."

- Diane with "Bailey" (Yellow lab)

"Thank you for taking such good care of Shelby for us. The staff is wonderful and we know she is well loved here!"

- Jasmine with "Shelby" (Border Collie mix)

"What a great place. Panzer's favorite place of all time, his home away from home. As a matter of fact, he likes it better at I Dig My Dog than our home! We love the staff and feel very fortunate that Panzer has a place where he feels comfortable and safe. Thanks for being there for us!"

- Kelley & Phil with "Panzer" (Greyhound mix)

"I Dig My Dog is the best in dog daycare. Whether it is for one day or for an extended stay. The whole staff gives their attention to every detail. Their expertise, professionalism and warmth are always given to every client and their dog. Thank you for your invaluable, wonderful service."

- Charletha with "Kherleigh" (Jack Russell mix)

"Lundy, Rachel and everyone at I Dig My Dog: Thank you so much for everything you have done for Nicco and everything you do for all the pooches!! You made me feel at ease on my vacation knowing my boy was in great hands. You all are the best."

- Allison with "Nicco" (Weimaraner)

"We can't tell you how much Nina looks forward to visiting I Dig My Dog. As we approach she starts to bark and cry until we arrive and your great staff welcomes her. She has a great time with her canine friends and human staff friends also. Nina has been both a daycare attendee and an overnight boarder. Both experiences have been excellent. Thank you so much for providing such an excellent dog care program.

Jim & Melinda with "Nina" (Mexican short hair retriever mix)

"I Dig My Dog is the BEST!!! Thank you all for always taking such good care of my little pumpkin!!! Everyone who works here is amazing - Maddie comes home happy and exhausted from a great day of play. I highly recommend I Dig My Dog to everyone in the Pasadena area. I don't know what Maddie and I would do without you!!!!!"

Meg with "Maddie" (Beagle)

"I Dig My Dog is a relationship saver. Mandy was one paw out the door. Now she's a well behaved, happy, tired doggy. She stands by the car every morning waiting to see her friends. She even stays overnight just for the fun of a doggy slumber party. Thanks for providing us a place where I'm confident she's well taken care of."

Julie with "Mandy" (Boston Terrier)