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by Karen Raub, OMD / L.Ac.
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Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

Karen Raub, Board Licensed Acupuncturist and Doctor of Oriental Medicine

Voted Best Acupuncturist of 2005 by readers of the Pasadena Weekly

Traditional Chinese medicine is a complete medical system that is person-specific. This medical system has been in successful use for over twenty–three centuries treating people for a variety of ailments from common colds to anxiety to HIV and AIDS.

“Within Chinese cosmology, all of creation is born from the marriage of two polar principles, Yin and Yang: Earth and Heaven, winter and summer, night and day, cold and hot, wet and dry, inner and outer, body and mind.” (Beinfield, 1991). When these complements are working together in unison, the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual facets of each person will be in harmony. “Disharmony leads to disease, disaster, and bad luck.” (Beinfield, 1991). Chinese medicine works to restore harmony.

The Five Organ Networks

Heart Heart and Small Intestine Network
The heart not only propels blood through the vessels but also harbors the spirit and governs the mind. Symptoms as varied as anxiety, restless sleep, angina, and palpitations occur when the heart is agitated.

SpleenSpleen and Stomach Network
The spleen is in charge of the assimilation of food and fluids as well as ideas so when the network is disturbed, indigestion, bloating, fatigue, scattered thinking, and poor concentration ensue.

LungLung and Large Intestine Network
Through the breath, the lung sets the body rhythm, defends its boundaries, and affords inspiration. A troubled lung might trigger tightness in the chest, skin rashes, vulnerability to colds or flu, rigid thinking, or melancholy.

KidneyKidney and Urinary Bladder
The kidney stores the essence responsible for reproduction, growth, and regeneration. It controls teeth, bones, marrow brain, inner ear, pupil of the eye, and lumbar region, and is associated with the emotion of fear, the will, the capacity for sharp thinking, and perception. So problems such as retarded growth, ringing in the ears, infertility, low back pain, paranoia, fuzzy thinking, weak vision, apathy, or despair are viewed as dysfunctions of the kidney network.

LiverLiver and Gall Bladder Network
The liver is responsible for the storage of blood, flow of qi, and evenness of the temperament. So when the liver is thwarted, tension in the neck and shoulders, high blood pressure, headaches, cramping, moodiness, and impulsive behavior may follow.


Consultation Includes:
Natural Medicine Treatment
Clinical Nutrition Work-Up

Conditions that Acupuncture can treat:

Genito-Urinary and Reproductive
Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS)
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)
Irregular Period or Cramps
Morning Sickness

Musco-Skeletal and Neurologic
Back Pain
Stiff Neck
Trigeminal Neuraglia



Eyes – Ears – Nose
Sinus Infection
Sore Throat
Hay Fever


Mental – Emotional

Acupuncture & NaturopathyAbout

Dr. Karen Raub has been practicing in the Pasadena area for more than 10 years. During this time she has developed a well known successful practice receiving numerous acknowledgments and awards for her dedication and professional work from such noted trades as: The National Registry of Who’s Who in Executives and Businesses, The Consumer Business Review, The LA Times and The Pasadena Weekly. She is also a Licensed Spiritual Counselor and practitioner of Whole Body Wellness through the philosophy of The Body Mind Connection.
Dr. Karen Raub graduated from Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine with honors in 1986. She then continued her Natural Medicine studies at Clayton College of Natural Medicine, and is also a graduate from The International Foundation for Nutritional Health. She has been practicing Naturopathic and Oriental Medicine for more than 20 years and has helped thousands of patients.
Over the years, Dr. Raub has had the privilege of working with several Medical Doctors in a number of specialty fields. She has closely been involved in the areas of treatment for Women’s Health, Internal Medicine, Immune/Auto-Immune, Orthopedics and Substance Abuse Recovery. These combines skills and experience have culminated in giving Dr. Raub the knowledge and expertise to effectively treat a wide variety of health problems using Naturopathic Medicine, Oriental Medicine and Clinical Nutrition.


“Dr. Karen Raub is not only a knowledgeable and thorough medical practitioner, she is also a deeply compassionate and caring person. When I first went to her with an undiagnosed chronic illness, I was frustrated with the Western Medical profession which was recommending drugs that I knew would only mask the problem, not eradicate it. Dr. Karen persistently searched to find the cause of my illness and she did not stop until she found the answer. Her tireless efforts saved my life and I am forever deeply indebted to her.”

Jeri Love
Pasadena, CA

“Thank you so much for your help in bringing Sarah in the world. Your Infertility Acupuncture worked where other medicines failed. Thank you so much for making our dreams come true.”

Lydia & Dan Stephens
Los Angeles, CA

“I started seeing Dr. Raub for treatment at a time when my physical symptoms were not responding to traditional western methods. I was deeply pleased and relieved when clear and significant progress in my health transpired. I am grateful to and have great respect for Dr. Raub’s professionalism and keen awareness of the interwoven nature of physical, emotional and spiritual functioning which has helped me transition into a new and more meaningful life.”

Pamela Fairweather
Registered Dance/Movement Therapist
Pasadena, CA