Fight Fit BootCamp
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Fight Fit BootCamp

In Fight Fit Boot Camp you will punch, kick, knee, run, jump, lunge, sit-up, push-up and step up to a leaner, slimmer, fitter you. The training sessions vary in intensity according to individual fitness levels....

The workouts are tough, but not as tough as it is carrying around 10 pounds of belly fat.  The training is indoors as well as outdoors and is part of a "30-day" countdown to losing the excess fat and inches.

Let us help you get in the best shape of your life!


Working out is essential to weight loss, but it's not enough.  You have to combine exercise and nutrition to see real results.  

Fight Fit Boot Camp's complete 4-Week Menu Plan was created specifically for weight loss.  It was designed and developed by Sandra P. Marin M.P.H., R.D. a well-known health expert and registered dietician.  She is also a nationally recognized media expert on topics relating to health and nutrition.  In addition to creating Fight Fit Boot Camp's Menu Plan, she also wrote the easy to follow Nutrition Guide and user friendly Daily Journal.

Even if you train an hour a day, 6 days per week if you aren't eating properly, you're not going to lose the weight.  You may lose a little, but once your body adapts to exercising the weight loss levels off.  Fad diets are not the answer.  Fad diets usually don't work or if they do it's only temporary.  Fad dieting also throws off the metabolic "set point" which can cause the opposite effect and you begin to gain weight.  Also, unsafe fad diets can cause serious health problems.                                                                        

                                                      - Sandra P. Marin M.P.H., R.D.