2540 East Colorado Boulevard
Pasadena CA, 91107

Hours of Operation: Everyday except Wednesday: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

FUNNEL is a unique shop specializing in mid-century furniture located in East Pasadena
About Funnel:

FUNNEL is a unique shop specializing in mid-century furniture located in East Pasadena. This hip and funky store finds furniture pieces from the fifties through the seventies and has them refinished and reupholstered. Things that once felt dated now feel fresh and exciting. They carry tables, chairs, sofas, lamps, credenzas, dressers, you name it. They even do custom furniture in the style and quality of the era. It is obvious why this store is a favorite of mid-century collectors and anyone looking for something very unique. Their inventory is constantly changing and evolving and their prices and service are definitly East Side.


Posted 03/19/08 By Anonymous
I actually found FUNNEL by google-ing mid century, retro furniture in Pasadena. And I am so happy I did.
This place has everything and if they don't have it on hand, they can make it.
I fell in love with a gorgeous sofa they make (custom); an interpretation of an Edward Wormley design. And a beautiful coffee table made from old glass tiles.
While I was there, the owner was negotiating a deal with some one planning on buying his pieces for a store in New York.
The quality of the stuff is that good!
They claim to get new stuff in all the time and they are very friendly, there was plenty of parking and some great little places around it.
Go check this place out, it's good!

Who Needs the West Side?
Posted 11/23/07 By Jennifer W.
Our search for mid century modern furniture often sends us trekking out to the west side so were delighted to find this place only 10 minutes from our house. They carry a mix of vintage and new vintage-inspired pieces. The quality of their furniture is much better than your average retail store. If you see something you like they can customize it any way you want. We ordered a loveseat that looked like it came right out of 1950. Ricardo is amazingly talented and was extremely helpful. The retro fabric he helped us pick out was perfect and he even had the legs dyed to match our existing furniture (try asking them to do that at Crate & Barrel).

Posted 10/10/07 By Carmel M.
I happened across this shop and fell in love immediately.
I was surprised with their inventory and their service. I shop all the time for clients looking for original/unique items. Funnel keeps an ever changing inventory of fun, creative furniture pieces and great accessories. Any one into the hip Elle Decor look should check them out. They are located in East Pasadena and their prices are certainly worth driving out for.
Tell all your friends.
Tom and Ricardo are great!

Furniture Store You'd Expect to see on Melrose
Posted 02/10/05 By Joanne P.
I was amazed to come across a Melrose type of furniture store right here in Pasadena. This hip, funky store finds used furniture and refinishes/reupholsters it. It's mostly stuff from the 60s and 70s, but I also found a set of six chairs from the 30s that they redid in a beautiful velvet. They carry tables, chairs, sofas, lamps, credenzas, dressers--you name it! Ricardo has a very good eye for design and was willing to come to my house so that he could keep my needs in mind when new items arrive. Prices are reasonable and definitely better than you'd find on Melrose!!

Get Your Retro '60s and '70s Furniture Here
Posted 10/31/05 By Marilyn P.
Im not a fan of 60s and 70s furniture, which is most of what Funnel carries, but I have to admit the selection is hip (my 60s-furniture-nut friend loved it). The owner takes used furniture and reupholsters and/or refinishes it with some extremely nice results. They offer a good wide variety of furniture including couches, chairs, tables, dressers and lamps. The store is worth checking out.


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