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Bring your passion, we'll teach you the rest. Since 1995, GolfTEC has provided the highest quality lessons available to players from coast to coast, giving over 300,000 lessons. Now you can become a better player with our revolutionary approach to golf instruction. Our PGA Teaching Professionals use revolutionary technology to improve your swing and lower your scores.

The GolfTEC Experience

A Game You Can Trust

In talking with players around the country, we know that the main reason people play golf is recreation. They enjoy the escape from the daily grind and the pursuit of perfection on the golf course. National industry research shows that the single most important driver of a player’s enjoyment on the course isn’t scoring or even the beauty of the course. Instead, ball-striking is 5 times more important to a player than any other factor involved.

Players want to have a sense of confidence and competence when playing a round of golf. To be able to deliver such a special thing is only possible by transforming a player’s game. Only through a consistent, effective and comprehensive process can we help players build a strong swing and know how to perform in any situation from tee to green.

Certified Personal Coaches

CERTIFIED: Our coaches go through rigorous training, learning the latest in teaching techniques and improvement processes to ensure a quality lessons. All of our instructors go through GolfTEC University, an intense two-week training session. Almost every GolfTEC coach is affiliated with the PGA or LPGA and many have been teaching for over 5 years.

PERSONAL: Our instruction staff has joined the GolfTEC team for one primary reason—they love to teach. Their passion for your improvement shows during each lesson they provide as they constantly monitor your progress and know exactly what areas of your game need the most work.

COACHES: At GolfTEC, we strive to be more than just an instructor. A good coach not only knows what it takes for you to improve, but is willing to act as a mentor and guide on your path to better golf. Your coach challenges you, helps you improve in a smart and efficient way, and celebrates your success.

Superior Swing Technology

GolfTEC’s patented SEVA-Pro System is unique in the golf industry, offering a fact-based approach that eliminates the guesswork from the process:

  • Digital video: Allows your coach to see more than the human eye can retain in a 1-second swing
  • Motion Analysis: A small harness provides accurate measurements of the exact position of your body throughout the swing. This, synchronized with the video, allows us a perfect assessment of your exact position at every critical point in the swing motion.
  • Biofeedback: Small audio tones are used to positively and negatively reinforce behavior and reinforce the learning process.
  • Tour Database: We have researched and measured the swings of over 150 touring professionals to better define which body positions best generate a quality swing. While every tour pro is different, they all share many fundamental swing qualities that result in consistent play. This provides an accurate benchmark to measure your position throughout your swing.

WebLesson® Retention System: We post every lesson online to allow each client to relive their lesson anytime 24/7. Clients see swings from their lesson, hear actual commentary from their coach, use video drills that can be done at home and read notes about their swing. This is the perfect reinforcement tool to maximize an efficient and effective learning process!

Proven Teaching Approach

  • Our goal is to help you improve your game with technique, equipment and conditioning. By working on your game with a comprehensive approach, we are able to give you the confidence you need from tee to green.
  • Fundamentally sound, but not a cookie-cutter approach. We build the right swing for you. We work from the ground up and from setup to follow-through to build a consistent, repeatable swing.
  • Proven PathSM Methodology:
    • Assessment
    • Advanced Methods
    • Retention
    • Reinforcement through Practice
  • Comprehensive teaching environment fits all learning styles, including auditory, visual and kinesthetic.
  • Roadmap: We believe that a fundamentally sound swing starts from the ground up and from setup to follow-through. Your coach will develop a roadmap to improvement by assessing your current swing and then matching your skills with your goals.
  • By primarily working in an indoor, controlled environment, clients can focus on the swing process as opposed to simply relying on ball flight. By ignoring ball flight in some of lessons, clients can avoid reinforcing bad habits.
  • Proven Results: America’s #1 Golf Lesson with over 100,000 clients nationwide.


"After taking lessons at GolfTEC, I went from a career low of 89 to a 3 over par 70 at  a local course that I play frequently. Thanks GolfTEC!"
Tom Stallings
GolfTEC Client

"When I came to GolfTEC two years ago I was ready to quit my game. But with GolfTEC,
it was instant improvement. Now I love playing golf!"
Diane Harper
GolfTEC Client

"The technology is the primary reason I come to GolfTEC, I love it! It makes learning easier when I can see exactly what my coach is telling me and later review it online."
Marc Wallace
GolfTEC Client


PGA Professionals Joe Assell and Mike Clinton have a passion for golf and a commitment to foster its success. This passion and commitment are the motivation behind GolfTEC, which offers revolutionary golf instruction using the latest technology paired with the skills of a PGA Teaching Professional to help golfers improve their skills and, ultimately, further enjoy the game of golf.

Since its inception, GolfTEC has given over 900,000 golf lessons across the country in its PGA certified, indoor teaching facilities. The facilities offer services catered to all levels of abilities from beginners to touring professionals. The company employs over 80 PGA Professionals and offers some of the nation's best lesson programs, practice facilities and custom club fitting services.