Hand'n'Sole Nail Boutique

2417 East Colorado Boulevard
Pasadena, CA 91107
Phone: 626-792-HAND (4263)

On the Web: www.handnsole.com

Hours of Operation:
Tuesday - Saturday Services By Appointment Only
Boutique Open for Shopping Every Saturday from 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Hand 'n' Sole Nail Boutique

Hand 'n' Sole is a quaint petite Nail Boutique offering luxurious, private, one-on-one manicures, pedicures, and reflexology. Customer service is high priority and sanitation is our mantra. Files, toe separators, and foot scrubbers will never be reused and nails and cuticles will meticulously yet safely be groomed. Hand 'n' Sole guests are serviced by appointment only and our average service is at least a full hour of pampering. We use only top quality beauty products and we do not do any artificial nails to make for a healthier and pleasant environment. Come enjoy & relax.

As Always,

Caring about You, your Hands and Soles!

Hand Treatments

Traditional Manicure $30

Pick your scent from our yummy selection of soaks & lotions. Have your nails meticulously shaped & cuticles safely groomed. Enjoy a hand and lower arm massage and finish with Polished Pretty Nails, or Buff 'n' Go naked.

Relaxing Lavender Manicure $40

Begin your decent into relaxation with an application of lavender essential oil long known for its relaxing aromatherapy. A lavender Souffle with sea salts & sugar will scrub your hands. A massage with lavender lotion & calming oil will nourish and soothe your skin. Relax in this Lavender field experience.

Hydrating Citrus Manicure $45

Delight in a hand soak delicately infused with citrus oils. Your hands & arms will be exfoliated with AHA Citrus Crystals that are released with a creamy activator & steaming towels. Enjoy a hand & arm massage with a Rich lotion to completely hydrate & refresh your skin. Light 'n' Refreshing like home made lemonade.

Pumpkin Hand de-Light $48


This service is to lighten, brighten, and tighten the appearance of your hands. After a dry brushing, a multi- fruit pumpkin peel will be applied to your hands. Then they will be toned, masked, steamed with hot towels and moisturized to rejuvenate the skins surface. Let you hands do the talking!


Foot Treatments

Traditional Pedicure $50

Pick your scent from our yummy selection of soaks & lotions. Have your toe nails trimmed and shaped and your cuticles meticulously & Safely groomed. Your foot soles will be scrubbed with a pumice sponge opened new for you. Enjoy a foot and lower leg massage and finish with Polished Pretty toe nails.

Add a Mineral Salt Scrub $5

Hot Chocolate 'n' Mint Pedicure $60

Start with a milk & cocoa foot bath, then have your feet and lower legs massaged with a creamy Chocolate & Mint Leaf scrub. Melt away with hot towels and a foot massage with velvety Chocolate & Mint Leaf shea butter. Enjoy this sweet treat without the guilt!

Warm Milk 'n' Honey $65

Feel like Cleopatra while your feet bathe in warm milk. The natural lactic acid will exfoliate dead skin cells. Your feet & legs will be buffed and polished with a butter scrub containing ultra fine sea salts and the subtle scent of Milk 'n' Honey. Indulge in hot towels & a massage with a Milk 'n' Honey Whipped Shea butter.

Truly luxurious.

Cucumber Sole Smoother Pedicure $68

This service focuses on Safely Smoothing Callous. Your feet will soak in a cucumber & aloe bath with mineral salts to soften, then exfoliated with an AHA scrub. Callous Eliminator will be applied, then after some serious sole smoothing, a rich restorative cream with chamomile & cucumber will be applied to smooth, soothe and refresh. Finish with a massage with cucumber & aloe lotion and recieve a pot o' cream for home. Say "Hello" satin sheets!

Add French Pedicure $7

All Pedicures include a massage, polish & warm smile!

Teen Specials

Hand 'n' Sole believes that our teens also deserve Safe, Quality, and Pampering nail care. Teen nail care specialist, Monique Moore, has put together a service that is just what our teens need, and what our parents want, au naturel. Proper nail etiquette will be introduced and services are age appropriate.

Pink 'n' Sweet Manicure $20

Begin with nail shaping and a sweet pink hand soak, enjoy a sugary hand scrub, gentle cuticle grooming, and a massage with a delicate lotion. Finish with Polished Pretty nails.

Add French Manicure $5.

*for ages 17 & under*

Pink 'n' Sweet Pedicure $30

Begin with a sweet pink foot bath and gentle nail shaping and cuticle grooming. Enjoy a sugary foot scrub and a foot massage with a delicate lotion. Finish with Polished Pretty toe nails.

Add French Pedicure $7.

*for ages 17 & under*


Imagine walking into a softly lit & beautifully decorated room, experiencing an aromatherapy foot bath, slipping on cozy socks and into a comfortably cushioned reflexology table under luscious sheets beneath an herbal eye pillow, and having a trained and caring Reflexologist nurturingly work on your hands and soles. Let the stress slip away and let your body take a vacation.

Reflexology is a touch therapy using a specific touch technique on reflex pressure maps resembling the form and anatomy of the human body that are believed to be on the feet & hands.

How many of us experience nervous Tension and Stress? Many health problems are believed to be caused by tension and stress. Utilizing a nurturing touch, reflexology can be profoundly relaxing and thus be beneficial in so many ways.

So kick off your shoes and let your body take a vacation!

30 *Minute Session $55

60* Minute Session $85

*Session is performed on a comfortably cushioned reflexology table and includes a FREE Aromatherapy Foot Bath with salts & essential oils.

Choice of:

"Relaxation" a blend of ylang ylang, lavender & tangerine. Great for calming the body and mind or unwinding after a stressful day!

"Energy" a blend of peppermint, rosemary, & thyme. A great start up for the day or anytime a fresh, new start is needed!