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Healing Spaces by Design - Charisse Dunn

Healing Spaces by Design specializes in a holistic approach
to greening homes, schools, businesses and lives.
Charisse Dunn

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Charisse Dunn



Healing Spaces by DesignBIO and CREDENTIALS

Of Charisse Bartholomew Dunn, Owner of Healing Spaces by Design

Charisse Dunn
Charisse Bartholomew Dunn specializes in creating healthy, eco-conscious, dwellings with style.   She is a certified green building consultant, home performance tester, energy auditor and a green designer.   She is trained in colourscope(TM), a new fun and fascinating technique which enables her to select personalized colors just for you that are beautiful and therapeutic.  

Charisse Bartholomew Dunn is Certified by Build It Green(TM) as a Certified Green Point Rater for both New Construction (GPR )   and Existing Homes (GPR-EH ) as well as a Certified Green Building Professional (CGBP), trained in Building Science Principles .   She is trained to see the building as a whole system, instead of individual components.   She has been certified by the California Building Performance Contractors Association (CBPCA) to perform Home Performance Testing.   She is a BPI (Building Performance Institution) Certified Professional www.bpi.org    She is certified to use the Energy Star Label for homes that qualify


Healing Spaces by Design is a member of Build it Green(TM)   www.builditgreen.org , ASID (American Association of Interior Designers) www.asid.org , CBPCA www.cbpca.org , BPI (Building Performance Institute, Inc.) www.bpi.org and has made a commitment to the 2030 challenge www.architecture2030.org .

Charisse Dunn



Green Home Performance Assessment

...is based on building science principles, where we see the building as a whole system.   Home Performance Testing is a series of technical tests performed with state-of-the-art equipment including door blower, duct blaster, Carbon Monoxide and gas testers...to name just a few.  

The results of both directly identify issues related to:

•  Safety and Health Issues
•  Personal Comfort
•  Air-Conditioning/Heating
•  Energy and Water Usage
•  Odors, Moisture & EMF's
•  Sound Control
•  Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
•  Water Quality and Capture
•  Alternative Energy Options
•  Toxic free and water saving Landscaping

We compile all our results and findings into a comprehensive report.   We then guide you to achieve your goals within your budget.

Green Interior Design

Green design does not have to be cream, beige and neutral; in short, it should definitely not be boring!

  It should reflect who you are.   We design spaces with beautiful sustainable and non-toxic products, furniture and, of course, energy efficiency.   Our Interior Design goes hand in hand with our Green Home Performance Assessment.

Green Project Coordination

Do you need help to implement the Green Home

Performance Assessment plan?    We work with a licensed and bonded contractors, highly trained Heating and Cooling experts and veteran Solar experts.   Together we make it happen.


Colourscope Consultations

Paint & color is the least expensive way to create a mood and change the energy in a room.   By having a personal reading we can choose beautiful colors that support you and your family in your home.  

Green Point Rating & Consulting: for New and Existing Homes, Multi Family & Mixed Use Buildings

Be rewarded for your efforts to build and remodel green; receive a certificate from Build It Green(TM) www.builditgreen.org , a non-profit that has been promoting, educating and certifying green buildings in Northern California since 2003, now available in Southern California.   An amazing asset to have when it comes time to sell your home.   One of our green point rated builders: www.kochdevelopment.net

Green Lifestyle Consultation

By buying products that are truly environmentally responsible, we not only benefit our own health, we are casting ballots for a healthier, more positive future. Healing Spaces by Design is able to provide expert advice and consulting services

to those who wish to lead a greener life.


We offer guidance relating to:
•  Allergy and Chemical Sensitivity
•  Organic Foods and Clothing
•  Holistic and Personal Care
•  Household Cleaners and Maintenance
•  Preparing for a New Baby
•  Waste Recycling
•  Carbon "footprint" Reduction

Green Products We Sell

Non Toxic Mattresses and Bedding

Water Purifiers and Filters

Carbon Monoxide Sensors--Low levels

Non-Toxic Organic Skin Care

Healthy Candles

Non-toxic Household Cleaners

Environmentally Friendly Fabrics for the Home

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