Pasadena Heritage Wine & SpiritsPasadena Heritage Wine & Spirits
155 North Raymond Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91103
626.844.9333 or 800.630.WINE

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Hours of Operation: Mon, Tues & Wed: 10am - 9pm /Thursday, Friday & Saturday: 10am - 10pm / Sunday: 12pm - 7pm

Pasadena Heritage Wine & Spirits

Pasadena Heritage Wine & Spirits

"Heritage Wines and Spirits" features wines from small family-owned growers and producers from around the world. I invite you to compare our wine offerings to the mass-marketed commercial brands found in supermarkets or chain discount outlets. We promise you will taste a difference in all price ranges.


At any given moment, there are over 60,000 different wines available in our market. My job is to select the 600-700 that I think Pasadena Heritage Wine & Spiritsyou might really enjoy. My team of wine experts is here to help you find that one great bottle at a price that suits your budget." - Greg Gillooly, owner

"We're committed to giving our customers convenience, quality, and first rate service, at an affordable price. We understand the value of a loyal customer.

Customer satisfaction is just as important to us as having one of the best selections of wine. That's the reason for our guarantee policy - to keep our customers happy.
All of our wines are carefully selected for quality and price. We will provide a prompt replacement or refund for any wines that are damaged or defective. If you feel your wine is flawed, it needs to be returned as soon as possible for evaluation. We do not honor returns on wines which have been improperly stored, mistreated or have been out of the store longer than 60 days.

About Us

Pasadena Heritage Wine & Spirits

Greg Gillooly
In 1987 Greg helped Pasadena resident Warner Henry revolutionize the wine wholesaling industry as President of Vintage House Distributors. From 1991 to 2001 he was President of Pivotal, Inc., a nationally recognized importer of estate-bottled French and other European wines. Along the way he has taught numerous wine education classes, been a judge at the LA County Fair, and written innumerable articles on his favorite topic. In 2002 he co-founded with Bill Essertier Heritage Wine Company. “Wine is about a place more than it is about a process” according to Greg. “It is the reflection of a culture, a tradition, and a set of aesthetic values.” I love those cultures that have a strong sense of their own history and identity. My travels to France, Italy, Spain, and Germany have given me a wealth of knowledge about the cultures that exist there. I can see the reflection of their various histories in each bottle of wine that I sell. The New World countries are beginning to recognize the wisdom of the Old in many things, wine and food included.

Bruce Hotra
Bruce’s great passion for wine is matched only by his enthusiasm for the game of golf. Wanting to spend less time behind the sales counter and more time on the course, in 2003 Bruce pulled up stakes in San Marino and helped launch Heritage Wine Company in Old Pasadena. He now plays golf 3 mornings a week, and helps wine lovers match wine with food 3 mornings a week. Once a week he and about 15 of his long time friends meet for lunch in a different local restaurant to taste what’s new and good in the way of wine and food.
They’ve been doing this every Wednesday for over 30 years now. Bruce writes entertaining and informative restaurant reviews and his happy to share his knowledge with anyone who asks. So if what you want is a dining recommendation or a wine recommendation, stop in the store any Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday morning and introduce yourself to Bruce. You’ll be glad you did.