Liuz Therapeutic Message Clinic
701 W Valley Blvd 10:00-7:00
Alhambra, CA 91803 Monday-Saturday
(626)588-2115 #35

$39 per session for a half year commitment based on 5 times a month
$42 per session for 3 months based on 5 times per month
$45 per session for 1 month based on 5 times per month

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Liuz Therapeutic Message Clinic

Medical treatment massage, keep-fit and look younger, Sports, Oriental, Deep Tissue, and Swedish massage. If you're here for the medical treatment massage the first office visit will be for a complete physical check up at $60 an hour, according to your health condition. We strongly recommend a treatment of 10 office visits, 3 times per week at your convenience. Please make an appointment in advance. The total amount for the service is $600 for each treatment of ten times. We also have 3 licensed massage technicians:

Jenny: Oriental, sports, and deep tissue
Cecil: Oriental, sports, and Swedish
Myrna: Deep tissue, sports and Swedish