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" we think, SIMPLE, SIMPLE; but we always end up overdoing it. MORE is MORE"

There is a fine line between want and need, and it turns out that line is a wish necklace, or a smoking donkey, maybe a pair of Robeez (only $26.50) baby shoes , or even sometimes a vintage inspired apron. Ok, I think we've taken this metaphor as far as we can go. The point is, in true superhero fashion, we will stop at nothing to ensure our customers are presented with fresh and exciting options.

More complete than ever before, Lula Mae offers your favorites in all of our major categories: Gift, Baby, Home & Garden, Accessories, and Bath & Body, and of course Humor. We'll continue to update our selection in our what's new area as soon as they land on our shelves.

We'd like to take a moment to flatter ourselves here and say one thing: We know how to shop. We take pride in bringing you items that fit a variety of tastes, occasions and price ranges. Come on in and see why we were voted Best Boutique in Pasadena!
Voted best boutique and best customer service in Pasadena!

Lula Mae, gifts of style, wit, and whimsy lives by the motto: " We think simple-simple, but we always end up overdoing it. More is more." And is that really such a bad thing?! We' re wearing diamonds to dinner, even if we' re only going out for a cheeseburger.

We are the retail equivalent of that friend of yours who never leaves the house without lipstick on, cracks you up over coffee, and always remembers your birthday. We' ll greet you with a warm smile and a boisterous laugh.

Lula MaeLula Mae is pleased to announce that we are celebrating our 3 year anniversary, all year long! We' ll take any excuse to have a party and as soon as we get this jar of olives open, we' ll be on our way.

We delight in making your Lula Mae experience unlike any other. Service like the good old days is our aim. We' ve got a huge crush on all things nostalgic. We' ve recently acquired a vintage scale which we put to use by measuring out candies in the store, isn' t that just the cutest thing?!

If you' ve haven' t been into the store, come on in and let us show you why we were voted Best Boutique in Pasadena by the gorgeous residents of this charming city.

When life gives you lemons, add vodka. For the cocktail shaker and the glasses, visit Lula Mae. We' ve got it all and we specialize in gifts for the girl who has it all. Unique bags by Hobo, too adorable for words baby booties by Robeez, paper goods by Knock Knock, and Pasadena local' s Davies Gate Bath and Body is just a sample of the fabulous labels that we carry.

Whether you are shopping for yourself, your mom, or your best friend you' ll find selection ranging from baby, bath and body, home and garden, paper goods, books,handbags, jewelry, accessories, candles, and special holiday items. We love our customers so much that we' ll give you a treat with every purchase even if all you need is a thank you card, we want to thank you for your loyalty.

Freshen up your drink and keep clicking, there' s more to see on our recently re-vamped website. The internet never looked so good.

About Lula Mae

Lula Mae Lula Mae isn' t just a great place to shop she was also a real lady. Lula Mae Whitfield Thomas was the great, great grandmother of shop owner Marci Christensen. She was mother to Lola, Vivian, Luther, Opal, and George. When Lola died much too young, Lula Mae took up the task of raising her daughters Charlene and Mazie. To this day, Aunt Mazie and Grandma Charlene are Lula Mae' s biggest fan' s (the store and the person)!

Lula Mae made clothes for her whole family, kept house, and doled out advice she even chased people away from the house with a shotgun and a one-liner: " I' ll see you later if the Devil has no objections."

If these aren' t reasons enough to name the boutique after her, then we don' t know what are!

Marci (who always wanted to be fancy when she grew up), along with her mother Jackie Toombs (whom we believe was born with matching shoes and handbag) founded Lula Mae in 2003. Their aim was to create a sassy and classy boutique where style and grace meet sense of humor and panache and they all manage to get along. Marci and Jackie shop till they drop to stock the shelves of Lula Mae with everything you didn' t know you needed, and now cannot possibly live without. You' re welcome.

Thank You to everyone who has made Lula Mae possible! To my Perfect Husband for all he does for me and the store. He still takes out the trash, and walks me to my car! To My Parent' s Larry and Jackie! For all of their Love, support, and constant encouragement. My mother never misses an opportunity to help Lula Mae grow! Thank You to Amy Jendrucko for all of her hard work in writing the text for this website, and to Cluworks for the design! Thank you to all of our amazing customers, with out you there would be no Lula Mae! And Thank you Lula Mae, for encouraging us all to stand strong and go after our dreams!