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Mission Street Yoga

About Us


We are a group of modern yogis with homes, kids, pets and partners, committed to creating balance and joy in every day life. As the chaos of the modern world swirls around us, we practice and teach yoga to help us create a sense of empowerment and peace in our bodies, minds and hearts. We strive for integration in all that we do and because of this, we choose to practice and teach Anusara Yoga®. 

Mara & Stu

Anusara Yoga® was founded by John Friend 10 years ago (www.anusara.com). The word “anusara” is a Sanskrit word which means to step into the flow of grace which is within us and around us at all time. It is a given!  In this dynamic, heart-based, life-affirming practice, you will use your muscles a lot and be given many instructions, like how to plant your feet and hands on the mat and, most importantly, how to develop your pose from the inside out. Your breath -- your constant companion, your guide – is all important and during a class you will be given instructions on how to breathe. We welcome and encourage beginners at our studio, but we also have experienced practitioners from other styles who’ve discovered Anusara after years of practice or sometimes because of injury. As a practice, Anusara is deeply therapeutic and offers a path towards healing. (What if I’m already injured?) We have classes for beginners (Basics), very strong classes (Level 2-3) and even a very unusual class called The Practice for advanced practitioners who practice alongside a certified teacher.

An Anusara class is participatory (sometimes we do partner work to assist each other in finding alignment and power) and quite enjoyable; you may even discover that you will laugh. The teacher places great intention on his/her use of language and interaction with the class. Sometimes, but not in every class, we open with a seated meditation and an invocation which is available on sheets of paper inside the asana (practice) room. The invocation is an invitation to step into the flow of grace. You’re welcome to simply listen to the invocation or join in. An invocation of any kind is a method to mark a shift in your intention. It’s for this reason we also ask that you remove your shoes before you step into the asana (practice) room.

ExteriorAnusara Yoga is based in a tantric philosophy, versus the philosophy on which the more classical systems are based. Classical yoga’s basic belief is that matter (prakrti) and spirit (purusa) are separate and its primary goal is to transcend matter, meaning what you experience on this earth. This idea also includes the body which is seen as inferior and burdened with things like desire. Tantra, the philosophy upon which Anusara is built, states that both spirit and matter are real phenomena, but they are in an undeniable, even celebratory, relationship. In Tantra, matter is not seen as less than the divine, but an aspect of it. One does not seek freedom from the body; one seeks freedom in the body. Because when we feel free on the inside, we feel free on the outside.

One of the other intentions of an Anusara studio is to create kula, the Sanskrit word for a community of people who have chosen to gather because of like-mindedness. Our student population is diverse and wonderfully friendly. Our teachers are here to guide you, humbly and with great appreciation. Our teachers are great sources of inspiration, skill and devotion, and we are blessed to the stars and back to have them teaching at MSY. We appreciate your interest in our kula at MSY and invite you to participate in this amazing journey in the world of this yoga.






Anusara Yoga Originated by John Friend, this style of Hatha yoga blends scientific principles of bio-mechanics with the transformational act of opening the heart.  A deeply compassionate, playful practice, Anusara realigns us with our essential nature and supports the connection to the ever-present flow of grace.  Learn the essential vocabulary, postures and breathing techniques in a safe, supportive environment.

Anusara/Basics For Beginners. Learn the essential alignment, vocabulary and breathing techniques in a safe, supportive environment. An important step in beginning your yoga practice.

Anusara/Mixed Level For experienced beginners on up. Begin to deepen your practice and address more challenging postures.

Anusara/Level 2 and Level 2/3  Challenging, strenuous Anusara classes. Move into more complex twists, arm balances and more!  Level 2 recommended for intermediate students and Level 2/3 recommended only for advance students.

The Practice A 2 1/2 hour challenging practice led by a Certified Anusara teacher. Teacher and students practice together in our most playful and advanced class.

Yoga for Kids Stretch, strengthen and improve coordination and posture in a nurturing, fun environment.  Three different age groups:  3-5, 6-8 and 9-13 years.  

Prenatal Yoga  A nurturing class designed to meet the unique needs of pregnancy. Care for your body and baby during this magical time.

Post Natal/Baby & Me Parents & babies share a yoga experience in a playful, supportive environment. For infants and crawlers.

Restorative Rejuvenating poses which deepen your connection with your body’s healing properties.  Melt into yourself. All levels welcome.

Core Strength/Pilates® Using Pilates mat technique, strengthen the core from which all asanas originate.   All levels welcome.  (1 hour)




First class is free (local residents w/in 10 mile radius and only with current proof/ID)

Single: $16

† Community Classes: $10 (Thursday night and Saturday/Sunday afternoon)

Kids Classes: $12


Series of  5: $65

Series of 10: $120 

Series of 20: $220 

(5, 10 & 20 Series must be used in 6 months; no extensions; all series are non-transferable and non-refundable.)      

Kids Series of 8: $90 (Must be used in 3 months)


Monthly Unlimited: $135                                                          

6 Month Unlimited: $725                                                           

Annual Unlimited: $1250

10% Discount for Seniors & 10% Discount for Full Time Students (w/ID)

 B E N E F I T S

Yoga is a complete form of exercise that strengthens your entire body, improves your flexibility, develops balance, improves circulation, and reduces stress. It's an excellent complement to any athletic sport in that it helps to prevent injuries and establish greater stability and range of motion. Yoga calms the mind, improves concentration, steadies the emotions, and opens the heart to feeling fully alive.

These benefits vary depending on how often you practice:

1-2 CLASSES A WEEK - Reduces Stress; modest improvement in flexibility and balance, modest improvement in breathing; modest postural improvement; better sleep; safe exploration of recent injuries.

3-4 CLASSES A WEEK - All of the above, plus significant increase in strength, flexibility and balance; increased energy; better posture; improved circulation and skin; improved breathing; stronger immune system; improved mood; improved attention, concentration and memory; improved overall sense of well being.

5-7 CLASSES A WEEK - All of the above, plus greater endurance and energy, structural body reintegration, profoundly enhanced mental clarity and emotional stability, profound inner awareness and sense of overall well-being.

C L A S S  P R O T O C O L

At Mission Street Yoga our intention is to provide a supportive, stress free environment to assist in the exploration of yoga.  To help us achieve this, please consider the following...

Remove your shoes as soon as you enterThis keeps our floors clean and also marks the shift from the outer world of our daily lives to the inner world of yoga.

Arrive on time. Arriving a little early before class gives you time to stretch, enjoy a cup of tea, meditate and simply ground yourself.  If you do arrive late, please let someone at the desk help you get into class and enter quietly, unfolding your matt and quieting noisy keys before you enter.  Look to the teacher who will help you find a space.  If you arrive more than ten minutes late, we may suggest that you take the next class.

Practice on an empty stomach. Refrain from eating up to 3 hours before you practice.  A light snack is fine, but an empty stomach will allow your body to feel lighter and practice the asana from a place of clarity.  If you need to drink water during class, take only small sips and keep the bottle in a cubbie off the floor.

Please print in at the desk. This is one aspect of our tracking process and your cooperation is appreciated. 

Please refrain from wearing perfume or other strong scents in class.

Keep voices low in the lobby area when classes are in session.

Turn off all phones and pagers before you walk into the studio. If you need to make a call, please step outside.

Let the teacher know about any injuries or special conditions. We’re here to help.  The only way we can assist you with modifications during poses is if we are aware of your personal history. 

Purchase a yoga mat. Our mats are generally for new students.  We do our best to keep our mats clean, but consider other students’ feet, face and hands make contact with the mats.  You deserve your own mat.  It’s also a sign of commitment.

Attend the level of class recommended. Honor your body.  If you are new to yoga, our Basics classes are designed to teach you alignment and breathing techniques.  Be patient and consistent with your practice and give your body time to process the principles of alignment.   This approach lowers your risk of injury and allows you to explore yoga from a pure place, free of ego and personal expectation.  Your body and spirit will thank you.  If you feel you’ve advanced beyond Basics, check in with your teacher and see if you’re ready to progress to another class.

Enjoy your class…carry your yoga practice with you always.  



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Martine B:

There are yoga rock stars at every popular studio I can think of. Here, instructors are more kin to revolutionary folk singers like Dylan--subtle, skilled, and straightforward. South Pasadena is a quietly booming yuppie town with a hipster sensibility and a hippie heart. Mission Street Yoga fits right in with the cool clothing shops and Thursday farmers market on the same block. Owners Stuart and Mara treat students like family, with casual approach. Very free to be you and me.

Ryan R:

Every time I walk into Mission Street Yoga I get a sense that everything is going to be all right...even if it doesn't feel like that where I came from. The desk staff is super cool, the yoga instruction is as good as any I have had on the West side of LA or in New York and the  FREE 2 hour parking is INCREDIBLE. I've only once not been able to park directly in front of the studio and thats because the Thursday evening Farmer's Market was going on. I had to walk about two blocks :(.

Anne P:

What a great yoga studio!! Thought I would check it out because I really enjoy the anusara style of yoga...love the emphasis on alignment and how well trained every anusara teacher i've come across has been!

Brought a friend along who had never tried anusara...and he really really loved it!! I liked how the instructor  accommodated and worked with each student, the class felt very personal, nurturing, and encouraging, really a great yoga experience!

Also, nice to support a small independent yoga studio, (i admit i belong to the machine that is yoga works) i would definitely recommend this studio not only to those who are new to yoga, but also to advanced practitioners, they can certainly meet all the needs of a diverse variety of yoga students.

Mandana K:

This place is awesome because real people come here and the instructors and staff are so nice. They actually HAVE a beginners' class, which is nice because they're not always easy to find.  My past experience with yoga has been:

1) Super expensive with a mind-infiltrating, Scientology / cult-like experience; and
2) More casual and less expensive "community" class that apparently caters to people with no bones -- or just highly advanced yogaists.

They also have ceiling fans AND air conditioning running in their classrooms, so you don't get jerkified whilst trying to learn and exercise.  

Anyway, I enjoy the pace and I have to give a shout out to HAGAR, whose class I experienced today for the first time. She's so inspirational, vivrant and upbeat.  I love that she can be energetic and spirited despite the fact that it's a yoga class.

Everyone should check this place out at least one time.  Prices are reasonable too.