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815 N. Fair Oaks Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91103

Hours of Operation: Mon - Sat: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Award Winning Groomers - According to the Star News, they're "A Cut Above."
About Pasadena Pet Grooming:
     Pasadena Pet Grooming



Award Winning Groomers - According to the Star News, they're "A Cut Above."

"Award Winning Groomers" Breed Specific Grooming - Hand stripping for Terriers - Treated with Loving Care!

Air Conditioning, Climate Control Boarding, Exclusive Grooming, Rare Breed Specialist, Short-Term, Long-Term Boarding



Pasadena Pet GroomingDaycare Hourly Rate: $2- Community Play Time - Outside Play Area - Special Treatment for Senior Citizen Dogs

Boarding - 6 Hours - Community play per day - Will administrate special foods and medicines - Feed premium dog food at no extra charge - Outside play area - complete supervision - Covered area for shade - Misters on hot days


1 - 20 lbs: $22/night
21 - 40 lbs: $27/night
41 - 80 lbs $30/night
81 lbs & up: $35/night





12/03/2007 Posted by girlpuff
I love Pasadena Pet Grooming! I took my poodle to at least 6 different groomers around the Los Angeles area, before here. PPG was the first place that...... A) didn't roll their eyes or complain when I asked for a royal dutch cut for my Poodle. B) didn't stare at me with blank dead eyes when I asked for a royal dutch cut for my Poodle. C) didn't pretend to know how to do a royal dutch, and then shave my Poodle like a Schnauzer. In fact, PPG brought out a "gigantic" book with hundreds of cuts to show me. Pepe loves spending the day there, and he comes home perfectly coiffured, with plucked ears, show dog smooth hair and clipped poodle feet. I highly recommend them!

12/10/2005 Posted by fubu
I was so delighted to discover Pasadena Pet. The grooming is unmatched anywhere in the city. I took my poodle in and he never looked more handsome. The staff was incredibly friendly and even my shy dog felt right at home there. What was even better was discovering the doggie day care for those days when I am running around town all day long - I just drop off my little man for a couple of hours of play while I'm away. I highly recommend this shop, their groomer Tracy is UNBELIEVABLE! Pamela the owner was full of helpful advice and the food products, as well as all the shop's products, are all natural. You just have to try this place. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!!
Pros: Clean, Friendly, Expert Service
Cons: Need one in L.A.

Dogs Best Friends
12/10/2005 Posted by nightmare01
My dog had the very best time boarding at this facility. He is a very high energy dog so the 6hrs a day of community play really helped. He has been back a few times and he always comes back tired, which is the best. Last time I was there I tried out the grooming. WOW!!!!! My last groomer pales in comparison. He looked just like a show dog. I own a welsh terrier and they knew how to groom him like a welsh terrier. The owner even does hand stripping. WOW!! I will recommend this place to everyone I know. It was worth the drive and I live in L.A.
Pros: Cute Place, Professional, Great dog lovers

The best decision I ever made!
May 18, 2006 by PT-2 from Los Angeles, CA

Great place and my dog LOVED it!!!!

Kind, Caring, Clean, Professional - Best Groomer in Pasadena!
Posted 06/12/08 By Annie D.
By far the best dog groomer I've ever found in Pasadena. I've taken my two dogs there for baths, grooming, daycare and love for over ten years. The place never smells "doggy" and I truly feel the entire staff cares deeply about every customer, canine and human. The best thing of all is the affordable daycare, a real help to us working folks. I promise you: Pamela, Janice, Tracy, Marabelle and everyone else at Pasadena Pet Grooming will make your dog LOVE going to the groomer!

Posted 06/03/08 By Liz K.
I always get compliments on my pet, Samson, after his day of beauty at Pasadena Pet Grooming. They do a phenomenal job! He also loves the daycare, where he can play with his friends all day long! The people here are so friendly and knowledgeable, I trust them completely. They know and love Samson and I don't have to worry as if I'm leaving him with strangers. I highly recommend them and will continue to use them for years to come!


great job on my puppy
Posted 08/15/06 By nicole v.
i brought my puppy in for his first time grooming ever and he came back looking terrific and in a seemingly great mood. the staff seems to be great with the dogs and made me and my dog feel very comfortable from the beginning. he wasnt caged up and stayed there all day playing wiht other dogs there for grooming and daycare. i brought my puppy out that night and got soooo many compliments on his grooming. i definitely recommmend this place to anyone who is looking for a great place for their dogs.
PROS: no cages, friendly environment


Grooming with TLC!
Posted 06/02/08 By Diana D.
My maltese (Gizmo) has been going to Pasadena Pet Grooming since he was a puppy. Not only does he look great after each grooming, he also enjoys spending time there! Their doggie daycare is an invaluable service, as well as affordable. I have friends who pay much more at a larger facility, only to have their dog treated as just another number. If you're looking for top notch grooming with TLC, Pasadena Pet Grooming is the place!


Posted 05/22/07 By Anonymous
I took the time to visit a few groomers in the Pasadena area with my sister who used to own a grooming salon. Both of us were very happy with what we saw in the Pasadena Pet Grooming place. We talked to one of the head groomers who seemed very knowledgeable about poodles (which is what I have and she has one too). My sister noted that they belong to the grooming associations and we were told they also do grooming competitions, which means they keep up with the last grooming techniques and have lots of experience in their field. I told my little poodle there and she was just nervous, but they made her feel comfortable. They told me they would try to give her a full groom but if she gets too nervous or stressed out they would stop. They cared!!! Their prices maybe a little steep but it's worth it!!!


Great doggie daycare
Posted 01/14/06 By S. F.
We've been taking our dog here for doggie daycare since she was a puppy one year ago. She loves playing with the other dogs in a cage-free environment, and we love that there is always someone with the dogs while they play. They know our dog by name, and if she hasn't been there in a while, they are genuinely excited to see her when she arrives. They truly are people who just love all animals.
The other great thing? It costs $2/hour to leave your dog there for daycare. Just $2!!! Sometimes I just drop her off while I run errands, and then pick her up 2 hours later, and I've only spent $4 and my dog's had a great time. They don't have any grass though, which I would prefer, but if it's nice enough outside, there is always a tent to shade the play area, and a plastic pool for splashing around in when it's hot. They're just fantastic about knowing what's best for the animals, and bring them inside when it's raining, or if it's too hot. We also get baths and nail trims there, and they are just the best. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend this place for the daycare.
PROS: Inexpensive, cage-free daycare for your dog
CONS: No grass

Most Friendly Staff
Posted 10/28/05 By Nicole F.
Pasadena Pet Grooming is where we have always taken our family dog....a Pug, who is not easy to groom. The staff at Pasadena PG is so nice and they really take their time, not only to do a great job, but also so it's easy on the pets. It's a friendly place to visit and its somewhere we feel good about taking our dog. The prices are reasonable, but it's just always been a good experience, which is why we continue to return. They know our dog by name now which says a lot and always makes us feel really welcome. I definitely recommend!