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Pasadena Pro Music Institute

Whether you enjoy the bluesy sounds of the Sax , the colorful sounds of the clarinet, the warm tone of the flute, or the cool melodies of the piano ,music can be one of life's most rewarding experiences.

Whatever your age, Murray Middleman would be delighted to teach you. saxophone , clarinet, flute or jazz piano. You do not need to be "musically gifted" ,or come from a "musical family" . What it s necessary is a positive outlook , a desire to learn and a willingness to spend a little time each day .

Beginners Sax, Clarinet, Flute

Learning getting a good sound , learning to read music ,fingering the instrument , rhythm and note accuracy , performing simple well known songs to satisfaction.

Beginning(Jazz) Piano

Learn the chords and melody of your favorite songs,and playing those songs, in tempo.

Intermediate students Saxophone ,Clarinet ,Flute

We'll show you how to play in tune, with a good quality tone. Learn to play with confidence in all registers of the instrument : Learn style, including rock/classical or jazz. Learn sustained phrasing, short articulations and jazz phrasing .

For intermediate Classical performers

We concentrate on playing with acuracy and getting an excellent tone. We will also work on playing etudes , scales, and performing repertoire.

Advanced Jazz Sax, Clarinet, flute, and Jazz Piano

Memorize many scales , chords ,arpeggios in all 12 keys.
Learn the extended higher notes(Altissimo) used by the pro's in jazz and funk
Learn to develope a strong and solid tone . Learn to play romantically on ballads ,using subtones and inflection.
Master the 12 bar blues to freely improvize a well thought out solo.Playing a standard song or blues , learn to create your own melodic themes on your solos, master 2-5-1 chords. Learn to play Be-Bop,explore poly-tonality. Create your own lick and motifs( melodic ideas), understand tritone chord subtitutions and many more jazz techniques ,to make you stand out from the less well schooled players.

Classical clarinet ,flute and saxophone

Develop a beautiful fluid tone quality in all registers, work on performing solo and chamber repertoire with confidence.

For students interested in learning the chinese art of music, Jenny Wong teaches ERHU. For more info. contact her at 626-274-1671 or visit

About Murray Middleman

Murray Middleman grew up in a musical family, exposed to the dynamic rhythms of swing and big band through his father's professional dance band in Philadelphia. At the tender age of 10, he was sitting in and playing with the band, and he was hooked!

Murray has studied classical clarinet and saxophone since childhood. He learned jazz theory and improvisation with Jimmy Amadee, Woody Herman's composer and Vince Trombetta, saxophonist with The Mike Douglas Show. He also studied classical clarinet with Donald Montanaro, clarinetist with the Philadelphia Orchestra. By 14, Murray had organized his own jazz group, performing his original jazz compositions on PBS television.

After graduating from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Murray freelanced on the east coast. He played with some of the greats of the Philadelphia music scene including Bobby Durham (Oscar Peterson Trio) and famed organist Dr. Shirley Scott. At the invitation of trombonist Al Grey (trombonist with Count Basie's Band), he had the rare pleasure of performing at New York City's Storyville with the legendary Buddy Rich, who tagged Murray "a first rate man."

Murray relocated to Los Angeles in the early '80s, where he established himself as one of the Southland's busiest saxophonists and woodwind artists, performing with many of LA's hottest jazz orchestras, in clubs and recording sessions. He continued to freelance, performing with superstars such as Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand and Sammy Davis Jr.

In 1985, Murray formed his own full-service music company Park Avenue West Entertainment. Park Avenue West provides a wide spectrum of outstanding entertainment for society and charity galas, corporate events, concerts, private parties and weddings throughout the United States. As a consummate woodwind artist and bandleader, Murray Middleman has gathered a core group of the most talented and versatile musicians and performers to be part of Park Avenue West. Since its inception, Park Avenue West has garnered a reputation for providing outstanding music that perfectly complements every event, large or small.