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1106 Fair Oaks Ave
South Pasadena CA 91030-3312

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Pleasant Ville Gifts

Pleasant Ville GiftsAngelica San Diego, Proprietor of Pleasant Ville Gift Shop, had her ultimate dream blossom to reality on May 1, 1999 in the quaint city of South Pasadena, California.

Angelica has an appreciation of all cultures and believes it is one of the greatest gifts she can share. Sharing unique creations from around the world is keeping with Angelica's philosophy and Pleasant Ville success.

Pleasant Ville's exterior is a sunny gift shop with a an interior which is simply, a feast for the eyes and soul. Your entry is rewarded with an exotic aroma gently lifting your spirit as rhythms of world music move your soul. While glittering treasures, never before seen, fill your eyes with twinkling delight. People of all ages are mesmerized by Pleasant Ville's 8-foot butterfly, whimsical witchy hat lamp and the iridescent fairy dust peeking through the jewelry art and crafts. Pleasant Ville's mesmerizing treasures don't stop there...there is a unique, eclectic selection of note cards from all parts of the world offering you a sense of traveling around the globe, the fun rare finds for kids are always a treat and the great selections of gifts exclusively for gentlemen are all found in the portfolio of pleaures at Pleasant Ville. A visit at Pleasant Ville is like stepping into a soothing time machine which awards you with an appreciation of all cultures of the world.

There's always something new exciting to see at Pleasant Ville. Come in and experience the adventure.