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Renaissance Rose

Renassiance Rose

At Renaissance Rose, we are dedicated to the treatment, health and vitality of your skin and hair we offer a wide range of therapies, services and products to enhance the health, energy and beauty of your body and hair. 

From full body treatments with mineral salts or seaweed to reflexology, waxing, aromatherapy and hair and nail services, our experts will give you the very best in treatments from your head to your toes.

All of our services and treatments are customized to your specific needs.

ServicesRenassiance Rose

 Eyelash Extensions
 Anti-Aging facials
 Microdermabrasion
 Enzyme Peels
 Acid Peels
 Full Body Waxing
 Acne Treatments
 Hair Extensions & Chi Straightening
 Alpahydroxy Treatments
 Reflexology
 Brazilian & Manzilian Waxing
 Aromatherapy
 Body Treatments
 Hair Services - Redken, Alterna and Simply Organics
 Facial Care Prodcuts - Exuviance by Neostrata and Royal Touch - the alternative to Botox

MAIN WAXING SPA PHONE:  (951) 283-7738  Debbra

Main Salon Phone:   (951) 683-6969

Hair Services by

Cari Harris (951) 218-9081 & Stephanie Vejariel (951) 256-0397



Hair, Nails & Waxing

Deluxe Eyebrow Wax & Shape -- $20.00

Express Eyebrow Wax -- $10.00

Lip -- $10.00

Chin -- $10.00

Full Face (includes eyebrows) -- $45.00

Lower Leg -- $45.00

Upper Leg/Thigh -- $55.00

Full Leg -- $75.00

Toes & Top of Foot -- $10.00Renassiance Rose

Underarms -- $20.00

Full Arms -- $45.00

Half Arms -- $35.00

Hands & Fingers -- $10.00

Tummy Line -- $10.00-$15.00

Back or Chest -- $ Consultation

Bikini Line (sides and top) -- $15.00-$35.00

Specializing in Brazilian  AND Hollywood Waxing

The Brazilian
The Basic Brazilian is a Bikini Wax with more hair removed at the top and sides leaving a strip or triangle of hair in the center. $45.00 - $65.00

The Hollywood Brazilian
The Hollywood Brazilian is a complete waxing with all hair removed from front to back. $65.00-$85.00 The hair is bare!!

The Manzilian (The male version of the Brazilian) $85.00 & up

Eyelash Tint -- $20.00     Eyebrow Tint -- $20.00     Eyelash Perm -- $45.00 

Eyelash Application  $25.00 - 35.00                        Eyelash Extensions $300.00

Renassiance Rose

Facial & Skin Care

All facials (except the Acne Facial) receive a very relaxing and healing massage of the face, head, neck, décolleté, shoulders and upper arm area.

The Classic European

Includes cleansing, exfoliating, steam/warm towels, Aroma Therapy and mask(s) for your particular skin type with a pressure point and/or relaxation massage. Extractions are included. -- 1 hour plus $75.00 - $85.00

Express & Teen Facial

Same as above but less for those in a hurray or for someone who just wants the basics. Still an enjoyable experience! - 30 mins $45.00

Little Divas Facial - For that special Princess!

A gentle cleansing, warm aroma towel, a little steam, a mask and massage.  $25.00


Basic Microdermabrasion (face only includes replenishment mask) - $95.00

Basic Plus Microderm (face and neck includes replenishment mask) - $125.00

3 in 1 Microdermabrasion with double exfoliation(face, neck and decollete, includes replenishing mask) $145.00

Acne Treatment

Includes deep cleansing, exfoliating mask, extractions, iontophoresis treatment, calming and healing mask. - 1 hour $85.00
Controlling and eliminating acne requires a regular at home skin care regimen. Cleanse, tone, moisturize.

Body Treatments & Packages

Hand and Feet Treatments

Relaxing hand and feet treatments $20.00 each - 30 minutes for both.  Relax your whole body through your hands and feet and take a little nap at the same time.  A Renaissance Rose favorite.

Around the Eye TreatmentsRenassiance Rose

Eyelash Tint -- $20.00
Eyebrow Tint -- $20.00
Eyelash Curl Perm -- $45.00

Everyone's Favorite Back Treatment

Your back will benefit tremendously from this treatment. Gentle cleansing, mild exfoliation, soothing massage, customized mask with steamed towels and a light moisturizer. If needed, extractions will be performed with minimal discomfort. -- $75.00

Series Discounts Available - Call for more information

Ear Coning/Candling

Clean out those ears of old wax, dust & parasites. Ear candling is a centuries old practice used to relieve pressure, wax buildup and inner ear blockage.
One cone per ear (includes both ears) -- 45 mins $45.00
Two cones per ear (includes both ears) -- 1 hour $75.00