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Run with us opened on February 1st 2000. We realized that the great city of Pasadena did not have a store that specialized in running. It was strange, the city seemed to be very health conscious and with the Rose Bowl nearby, it seemed like a perfect place to run. Our first goal was to get involved with all the local organizations, high schools, doctors and running clubs. Everyone in the community accepted us with open arms and it has been great ever since. As the store got busier we where very lucky to find and hire great people to work for us, we have the coach from Pasadena City College and the coach from South Pasadena high school on our staff plus numerous other guys who have years of running experience. Runners helping runners is very important, our guys know about running injuries, they know how to train for marathons and they know shoes. As you walk in the store you will be asked a few questions: What kind of injuries have you had? What kind of mileage are you doing? What are your goals? After that they will do a gait analysis and a balance test, put this all together and they will bring out the perfect shoes for you. In fact we guarantee it by giving you a 10 day trial run. 9 years later, with hard work and community support we have been named "best running store" in Southern California by "Los Angeles" magazine and "LA Sports & Fitness" magazine. Thank you and we look forward to helping everyone for many years to come.


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Club Run With Us has helped members improve their time in a friendly environment.

We welcome everybody who wants to train for competition, for fitness or just for fun. We meet at the Rose Bowl (main gate) Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30 pm and Sundays at 7:30 am., Rain or Shine  (maybe) : )

We encourage donations of $20/mo to our coach, José Jimenez “Chepo” (less than $1.50 per session, a real deal)

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Two Drgons Martial Arts

Rate: 4 stars out of 5
By Julie M.

Great service.
Thursday, August 31, 2006
Getting a good pair of shoes was my first step towards training for the LA marathon. The staff at Run With Us was very knowledgeable and professional. I basically told the man what I was going to do, he looked at my feet, watched me walk, and then brought out some shoes that would be best for me. I've never purchased shoes this way (usually pick the cutest ones). I was encouraged to buy a pair of Pearl Izumis, which isn't a common running brand, but they fit 100% better than any other shoe I've worn and have held up great. I was also encoraged to get the blister prevention socks. Run With Us gave me a discount for being a memeber of a local running club as well. I highly recommend this store.

Two Drgons Martial Arts


5 stars out of 5

By John B.
if someone knowledgeable helps you pick them out. I went in, they watched me walk, they studied my feet, then had me "test run" 6 pairs (literally putting the shoes on and running up and down the block to see how they feel). Wow! What a difference that makes! I bought 2 pairs of shoes (1 for trails, 1 for road). Both were brands that I never would have picked out on my own and they are the best running shoes I have ever owned. I have put about 500 miles on those pairs now and am amazed at what a difference the fit makes on my knees and feet. Running needn't hurt. Others have noted that they aren't the low-priced leader. That's correct. That kind of service costs an extra $10 a pair. I am more than happy to pay it.