Pasadena Council on Alcoholism & Drug DependencyPasadena Council on Alcoholism & Drug Dependency
1245 E Walnut St. Ste #117
Pasadena, CA 91106

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Pasadena Council on Alcoholism & Drug Dependency

For over 55 years, PCADD has served the residents of the San Gabriel Valley (and beyond). Adolescents, Adults of all ages, English and Spanish speaking participants are helped by our program. The Outpatient Treatment experience is designed to give each participant the knowledge, structure, support to achieve abstinence from drugs and alcohol and initiate a long-term program of recovery.
We are dedicated to providing information, prevention and treatment. We advocate for alcoholics, addicts and their families. With knowledge and understanding of the disease of addiction, provided by our certified counseling staff, clients are able to go out in the community and lead productive lives. This is founded upon the necessary establishment of healthier relationships and improved self-esteem.

Outpatient Program
Recovery Support/Case Management is central to the Council’s Adolescent and Adult Outpatient Treatment Programs. It is the human relationship that is at the core of our program through effective counseling, education and client advocacy combined with caring, humor and warmth.
All of our outpatient services are provided by certified, experienced chemical dependency professionals, The program is comprised of the following elements:

*Assessment & Evaluation * Treatment Planning/Access to Additional Resources * Supervised Implementation of the Plan * Monitored 12-Step Meeting Attendance * Comprehensive Education on Addiction Abuse and Recovery in Weekly Classes * Facilitated Process/Recovery Support (group therapy) * Weekly Individual Counseling/Case Management * Written Progress Reports Delivered in a Timely Manner * Supervised Drug Testing * Ongoing Recovery and Treatment Support * 3, 6 & 9 Month Follow-up Aftercare

Other Services/Activities
Information & Referral * Drug Testing * Employee Assistance Program * HIV/AIDS/STD Education & Testing * Collaboration * Education & Outreach * Interns and Volunteers