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Salima says...Everyone is beautiful. No-one is perfect. Find the beauty within yourself. Never allow others to bring you down.

The Inspiration Site

Dear Friend,

I'm so glad you're here! I created this site because I personally know how it feels when you want and need to talk with someone and there's no one there. Some issues are just too personal, or you're concerned that family or friends will judge you instead of listen. And sometimes no matter how much you talk to family and friends, you don't find a way out of your cycle of feelings.

The advisors at The Inspiration Site are here to listen, to hear your concerns with compassion, insight and resources. This is why.

My Story

For a very long time, I was angry at the world for my unhappiness. I believed I had no control over my life. I thought I had no choice but to take what life handed me. And so life handed me what I was focusing on – the negative. Finally, after reading and studying various approaches to life, I realized I had the power to make my happiness. This realization helped me change my negative, defeatist way of thinking. I'd like to share a few examples of how I changed – and substantially improved -- situations in my life.

The Blame Game

I married young, had a son and then divorced. I was miserable, angry all the time and blamed the world because I couldn't “find” a decent boyfriend. Looking back, it wasn't that I didn't meet nice men, I just kept them at a distance, not allowing myself even the slightest chance to know them. Instead, I chose men I knew in my heart were wrong for me. Even when I met my husband, he wasn't my idea of Prince Charming. Why? Because he was younger and shorter than my idea of the “perfect guy”! Is that not a classic case of finding any excuse to avoid a relationship? I'm glad I woke up, because he's the nicest, most caring person that I have ever met. He has been crazy about me and, importantly, my son from day one. I can't imagine my life without him. What if I had decided not to go out with him just because he was younger and shorter than I preferred? I might still be blaming the world for my lonely heart.

Weighting Around

Ok, I figured out the magic of attracting the right relationship. But after getting married, I put on 60 pounds-- a symbol, if you will, of old attitudes and the feeling that life would never get better. I truly believed I would always be overweight. I was angry (note a theme here?) at how I looked in my clothes, wanting the weight to magically melt away. Well, one day I decided I was going to make a difference. I didn't follow any specific diet, I just cut out the bad food and increased good foods, and I walked three miles every other day. It was a simple, direct approach. It worked. I lost the weight and though I've had two children since, and gained 50 pounds with each pregnancy, I shed the “baby fat” after each birth! How? I had learned to believe in myself and took the time to understand how to keep the weight off.

Take This Job...

Now that I'm happy with my body, and married with three children, the last area to improve is my career. Again, anger ran my life because I hated my jobs. I repeatedly chose to work at jobs with horrible hours and no opportunities to advance. I was so unhappy and found myself being laid off. Now I see several things I could have done differently to succeed. For instance, I simply accepted whatever job came my way because I felt I had no choice. I never spoke up about money or other issues because even though I hated my job, I didn't want to lose it. You've probably felt that way at least once. Of course we don't want to lose our jobs, but we also shouldn't be unhappy and allow resentment to run our lives. If we're spending eight hours a day at a job, we should choose a job we like at least a little, and try to negotiate what we want, and what the employer wants, so everyone is happy. And the surest way to lose your job is to hate it. Eventually you'll probably find yourself creating or reacting to situations that cause you to lose it.

Arriving Home

I started this business when I was laid off from a job I hated. I justified being there by saying it was paying the bills. Yet, this time, instead of being angry and panicky when I was laid off, I decided to stay calm and believe everything would be okay. I believed in my heart that being laid off happened for a good reason. I was right. Everything is ok, and here we are today, at The Inspiration Site. Now I have the opportunity to help you see another way to look at your life.

Here are some of my personal keys to finding inspiration:

1. Take full advantage of your opportunities and you'll receive more of them.
2. If you want something better in life, go and get it!
3. Nothing is easy; never give up.
4. Believe, believe,believe in yourself!

Apply these inspirations to anything in your life. You'll change. The world will meet you with what you want.

Thank you for allowing me to share some of my stories. I hope they'll inspire you to live the life you're imagining.