the loft hair lounge
5112 townsend ave
eagle rock, ca 90041
ph 323.258.2840
tuesday through saturday from 9 to 7, sunday and monday by appointment.

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the loft hair lounge

"the loft hair lounge," a lounge for hair opens in Eagle Rock!

Eagle Rock has quietly become the exciting new home to the posh high-style hair salon,"the loft hair lounge" located just off Colorado on Townsend Ave.

In a bold if not risky move, owner/designer, Clay Patane left a high-end Beverly Hills salon where the likes of Paris and Nicky Hilton prepped weekly for a stroll down the red carpet, for the quieter, up and coming world of Eagle Rock.

His new salon offers customers everything he offered at the epicenter of Beverly Hills fashion, but at a fraction of the price --- and without the attitude. From beautiful color to trendy cuts, from state of the art extensions to high fashion straightening or waving, make-up, hair removal, organic facials, the list goes on -- "The Lounge" hasn't just raised the bar for salon quality in Eagle Rock, it's wholly reinvented it!

Everything about the environ at "the loft" is warm and welcoming. From the rugged, exposed used brick interior to the soaring ceilings of exposed rafters and polished cement floors, the space instantly evokes a New York loft experience. Think SoHo, think the upper-west-side of Manhattan. Comfortable low-slung 'lounge' chairs create a convivial conversation pit at the salon's center, with sweeping palms and river rocks and subtle music wafting throughout. The aroma of coffee lingers with an espresso machine in constant use, servicing customers with the frequency of Starbucks. But wine is also on the bar menu at "the lounge" or soda or bottled water or any other drink that strikes your fancy - especially if you are a regular - they will stock up on your beverage of choice. Three flat screens dance with constant motion, displaying some dof the newest music videos to hit the charts and hair shows adding to the hip, modern, trendy feel.

Dramatic full length mirrors seem casually propped up around the interior space forming ten styling stationed manned (or wo-manned) by some of the best stylists in all of Los Angeles. But nothing here is casual or arbitrary. Every detail has been deliberately set in motion by Patane with a mind toward style and comfort and design. Even the orchids which arc from each station were a specific "brushstroke in the larger painting" says Patane. "The hardware on the doors had to be right, the color of the beams, the material for the robes - I wanted it all to be appealing and cohesive."

At "the loft" ,Patane has certainly created that appealing world. It can be desribed as more hip hotel lobby than stuffy salon; more living room than Eagle Rock business; more gathering spot than hair appointment.

When asked why he spent so much time creating such an inviting world at "the lounge" after all, it's just a place to get your hair cut, Patane is quick to respond, "The average customer is here once a month, maybe more and we want this to be a delicious escape, a place you'd like to spend the afternoon and kick up your feet and let down your hair(literally) - a calm harbor in the chaotic storm of daily life. " Is that a lofty goal?" he pauses, "No pun intended. Many clients have followed me from the west side, I don't think they'd do that if they didn't enjoy the overall experience." Soon an outdoor patio will be complete adding to the ambiance an charm known as "the loft hair lounge" which has certainly added to the ambiance and charm and oasis known as Eagle Rock.