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Train Inc.

Train Inc.

Train, Inc. Personalized Fitness & Nutrition is an exclusive, personal training facility offering all types of fitness programs, post-rehabilitation fitness design, and Train Inc.customized nutrition programs. This private training studio is available for use by appointment only and the unique layout of the building lends itself an open, spacious feeling.

Our highly experienced and qualified personal trainers can develop a personalized exercise and nutrition plan to suit individual requirements. All of our trainers hold either an American Council on Exercise or National Association of Sports Medicine current national certification and are CPR certified.

The atmosphere at Train, Inc. is relaxed and non-intimidating, creating a unique place of exercise for absolute beginners and the advanced athlete.

Fitness Packages

Personalized Fitness Programs

Lynda Linforth has designed a variety of exercise regimes to suit your fitness level. Each level can be tailored to individual needs and all programs include nutritional advice.

The Kickstarter

This program is designed to propel you into the best shape of your life. Basic weight training and cardiovascular techniques are used to help you achieve your fitness goals. Ideal for those who would like to get started on a weight loss or general fitness program and need a guide!

The Motivator

This intermediate program is designed for the more advanced person who needs help in varying their workouts. Ideal for people who feel that they have reached a plateau in their regular routines and are ready to go onto the next level.

The Commitment

For the advanced gym rat! The Commitment is designed to assist people who have a greater experience of fitness training. This program can include sports specific routines, running advice and body building guidelines and techniques.

Boot Camp 1-on-1

Do you feel like you're ready for the next generation of work outs? Do you want the ultimate challenge on your body? It's time for you to kick-start your fitness level and power your booty into shape. This unique and intense program combines Functional Training, strength training and cardio training with tried and tested exercises that are guaranteed to challenge your body. Boot Camp 1 on 1 will boost you into a new dimension of fitness.

Developed with the input of Sargent Eric Le Clair of the US Army National Guard, this type of training program can be adapted to suit most fitness levels. However, clients will be asked to complete a Health History form which has been composed for this type of program. Not all applicants will be accepted.

*For more details of an outdoor training program, please contact Lynda Linforth.

Train Inc.


It has been proven that fitness can be beneficial to people of all ages. This is a program that is specifically designed for seniors. It includes flexibility and mobility exercises, injury prevention and assistance routines and co-ordination and balance improvement.


I also offer programs in/on:

  • Injury Assistance
  • Muscle Building
  • Programs for Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Senior Programs & Advice
  • Diabetic Advice
  • Muscle Gain
  • Weight Loss

Nutrition Guidance

In this part of the course, you will learn how to change your eating habits to obtain a balanced and healthy diet. You will learn how to combine foods in order to continue to lose weight without compromising your health.

'Dieting' - losing body weight by restricting caloric intake - has been proven to be an ineffective and short-lived solution to weight problems. Damage, some permanent, is done to the body by excessive dieting and incorrect eating habits.

I have tried and tested many fad diets, all resulting in the same depressing conclusion: some initial weight loss, shortly followed by that weight being gained back and a little more for good measure. The more extreme the diet I tried, the more severe the end result seemed to be.

The diet that I have arranged is a mixture of healthy and nutritious foods that will stop the hunger pangs and help you to eat Train Inc.yourself into the best shape of your life. Remember that you have to fuel the fire to get it to burn for you, so feed your metabolism!

My diet plan can be arranged to suit any individual requirements, such as vegetarians or people with certain food allergies.

NOTE: changing your diet without an exercise regime will not produce long lasting results. If you want 100% results, don't just do 50%!

I also offer programs in/on:

  • Diabetic Advice
  • Muscle Gain
  • Weight Loss

About Lynda

I became a personal trainer in order to teach people about the benefits of fitness and good health. I was an over weight, inactive and an unhappy 19 year old living in UK. I had never had to exercise, never had to watch my weight or my food intake. Suddenly, after I left home I noticed that I was gaining weight: a lot of weight. Yet, it wasn’t until after I saw some photographs of myself that I realized how much weight I had gained. I knew that my clothes didn’t fit, so I just bought new ones. When people made comments about my weight, I made excuses.

After seeing those photographs, I was devastated. I had not allowed my picture to be taken for over a year, and reality stung. I had actually gone from 110lbs to almost 160lbs. I began half-hearted attempts at changing my diet but I really didn’t know what I Train Inc.was doing wrong.  I began skipping meals, eating smaller amounts and only eating when I became extremely hungry.   A colleague took me to the local gym where I became hooked on daily step aerobics. This cycle of under eating and over training continued for many months. I began losing weight on the scale, but I looked chubby and started to develop bad skin, something I had always been able to avoid as a teenager.

I got colds and flu more often and was constantly absent from work, but nothing would dissuade me from the new miracle weight loss system that I had “discovered”. After about a year, I had lost almost 30lbs. I looked better, but was still sick. I was obsessed with the scale, to the point where my doctor told me to throw it away. If I could now fit into a size 6, why did it matter how much I weighed? This was the turning point in my weight loss. His advice took my focus from the scales and my looming weight and thrust it back into the direction of a more healthy and fit lifestyle. That’s how I wanted to look anyway, sporty and fit, not emaciated and sick.

I did throw out my scales (a practice I still encourage) and turned to books. I learned everything I could about weight lifting, cardio, structured workouts, healthy eating. I learned that you could lose weight on a healthy balanced diet, and stay healthy afterwards. I had tried all of the fad diets and they left me tired and unhealthy. I didn’t want to diet, I wanted a great diet habit, and something I could continue for the rest of my life. The weight began to melt away. I’m not saying it was easy, and I’m certainly not saying that I stuck to my new diet and exercise plan diligently. The difference this time was that I never stopped trying. If I fell off the wagon, I got right back up and started again. If I made a bad choice at breakfast, it did not mean that the whole day was shot. It just meant that I had made a bad choice, and I wouldn’t repeat it that day.

I began lifting weights and my shape changed again. I had always avoided weights as I thought that they would bulk up my muscles, but to my surprise, it actually made me leaner and smaller! I began to eat healthily again and I restricted my workouts to three times a week combining weights and cardio. A trainer at the gym commented on how good I was looking and that was the catalyst. If someone who I admired thought I looked fit and healthy, then maybe I could be in her position and make other people feel good about them selves.

I looked into the certification system and I talked to people who worked in local gyms. I wanted it to be more than a hobby; I wanted to teach and be able to work with people. I decided the only way to make a clean break was to live abroad and start my own company. It seemed like a pipe dream, and people would look at me, this perky little 22 year old, and say “that’s a nice idea”. So I did it. I left UK and came to California, the land of the fitness freaks and, ironically, one of the highest obesity rates. I started my company, Liberate Personal Training and 1998 and I have been training ever since.

I am now certified by AFAA in Personal Training and by NASM. I hold numerous other certifications in the fitness arena and I have included my resume on this site for your review.  I spent two years working closely with Linda Jones in England, a 5"2' body building competitor, who gave me an invaluable insight into the pros and cons of body-building and taught me the basic techniques.

I was voted Personal Trainer of the Year in 2000 , 2001 and in 2003 by a reader’s poll in four local newspapers. My clients and I have had amazing results in the areas of weight loss, rehabilitation and body-building, and some of their testimonials and photographs are illustrated at this website.

I also have experience in post-rehabilitation training and in post-chemotherapy and post radiation treatment.  More information on these specialties can be found in my resume as well as in other places on this site.

Work hard, train hard, play hard and, above all, never give up.

Lynda Linforth trains in the Pasadena, San Marino, Sierra Madre and surrounding areas.

Sucess Stories

Over the years I have had the privilege of working with many different people with many different goals.  Some people want to lose a few pounds, some want to feel more flexible and then there are those who truly want to change their lives.  For every excuse that can be made about not exercising I have a client who can prove it wrong.  From the CEOs of large corporations to the busy mums who make time in their schedules to take care of themselves, prove you can always make time.  To my clients who started exercising for the first time in their 70s and to the ones in their teens, proving it is never too late or too soon to start a fitness program.  To my client in a wheelchair and to the clients who continue to train with various limbs in casts, proving that exercise is good for the soul as well as the body.  To my clients who have suffered through chemotherapy, radiation or surgery who can make it to the gym because it makes them feel better than just sitting at home. 

Every time you think of a reason why you can’t exercise, let me introduce you to someone who will tell you why you can.

A Work In Progress

(Featured in Sierra Madre, Arcadia and Monrovia Weekly and Pasadena Independent Newspapers, 2003)

My clients often ask me: “Will this ever get easier?” and I always answer ruefully, “Only if you want it to stop working”.  This is true, in part, as when you do achieve your fitness goals, it is human nature to have some more goals waiting in the sidelines.  Also, exercise and fitness should be considered a change in lifestyle, one you want to continue for the rest of your life.  As the baby-boomer population grows, so does the fitness industry because we know if we exercise it improves and lengthens our lives.  This was apparent to me back in 1996 when I was topping the scales at around 160 lbs.  I am 5ft 4ins with a small frame and a large appetite.  I was not exercising and I was making horrible food choices.  As illustrated in my biography, taking control of my weight and my diet was a direct link to taking control of my life.  It led to moving to a different country, starting my own business and leading a life far happier than I had dreamed.  This is why I include my story in this section because your body and your fitness should not be something you look after once in a while or when you feel over-weight, YOU should always be a work in progress.



When I was finding it difficult to do up my “fat jeans” I knew that I had been avoiding the fact that I was overweight and unhealthy.  After two years of trial and error, I managed to lose 50 lbs, get my eating under control and have a consistent exercise regime.  Here are a few techniques that I have learned that I pass onto my clients:

Always have a goal:  however small, achieving goals is a great feeling.

Listen to positive reinforcement:  weed out negative feed back from friends and family about your new fitness regime.  People often have ulterior motives when it comes to giving advice to someone they know is making a change in their lives.

Have a battle-plan:  having a personal trainer or a work-out buddy will really help you keep on track.  Knowledge is power, so brainstorming with someone you can also work out with, can really help.

Jump back on the wagon:  if you have an off week and cannot exercise, or if you eat something that you should not, don’t quit.  The great thing about the wagon, is that it keeps on rolling.

Apply these simple techniques to your next work out and see how it helps you stay focused on your way to a better lifestyle.




A vivacious baby-boomer, Donna came to me in shortly after joining the gym in August 2001.  Her goals were to get fit, feel toned and strong and continue her quest for good health.   Donna had already lost 50 lbs by herself and was looking to continue her progress.  “I had come so far and I felt like I needed some motivation and the expertise of a personal trainer to keep on going.”

We started out with an age appropriate exercise program, and Donna's fitness level improved rapidly.  We meet twice a week and do a combination of strength training, flexibility techniques, balance and stability drills and aerobic intensive sequences.  Donna is a strong and determined woman.  Not only do we meet at 6am to train, she comes to the gym at least four other times a week to do her cardiovascular training. 

Donna has lost a total of 63lbs and 12 ¼ inches.  She has improved her flexibility by 6 ½ inches and her dress sizes have gone from 18 to 8/10.  One of her greatest achievements is her pushups.  Donna can do a total of 25 military style pushups without stopping!   “I have so much energy and I definitely look and feel better since I have been training with Lynda.  I have more confidence in myself and I have more knowledge about how my body works.  Lynda really helped me focus on my life and health after the loss of my son, Sam.  I was finally able to break out of the shell that I had built around myself.  Exercising helped me to cope with feelings that sometimes overwhelmed me.  Exercising forced me to break down grief barriers and that had been restricting me”.



I met Meredith Alden (24) in August last year, and we started training together shortly afterwards.  A Cal tech graduate, she now lives locally, but has found it difficult to control her weight since she left home.  “When I left home, I went a bit crazy on my mom’s so called “forbidden foods” and I never had time to exercise.  I gained in the vicinity of 70 lbs in 4 years”.   Meredith was a member of a diet clinic and was having some success losing the weight.  She was however, concerned about her overall health and wanted to embark on a fitness regime which concentrated on weight loss as well as improving her fitness level and flexibility.

As she began to show signs of losing even more weight through exercise, she decided that she would leave the diet clinic and maintain a healthy and balanced diet by herself.  She has now lost a total of 80lbs and 24 inches and she has gone from a size 24 to a 14/16.  “I feel that I have made amazing strides.  If someone had told me a year ago that I would be at this place in my life, I would have thought they were crazy.  I’m really getting into the fitness side and I am finding more things that I like to do, now that I feel fit enough!”

Meredith is an inspiration to people everywhere who have the goal to improve their health and to lose weight.


Bill Hoehne

I enjoyed the introductory session with you today! (at Foothill Gym) I just finished reviewing your website and agree with D Dedeaux- it is very well put together and informative. I would add that the site is an appropriate extension of your positive personal attitude. You're super!”

D Dedeaux
Gardena, Ca

"I must say I am impressed with your web site. It is very well put together and convincing. I'm contacting you just to let you know that I have looked all over the Internet and also read many reviews of local trainers and your information is by far the best. I won't bore you with the terrible things have read and heard about not only the "meat market" but the bad service (I mean in all the popular gyms, we all know who they are out there).

Seriously...I have truly done my homework on all the gyms and trainers and none come close to the personal service, information and attitude you've shared on your web page. Keep up the good work. "

Susan Lapekas
Marketing Consultant
early 50's

In 1992, I was in an accident and suffered a severe double whiplash. My back is permanently injured from the neck to the lower back. While I received physical therapy, chiropractic and other treatments, my condition deteriorated as I aged, such that I began to have very painful and debilitating episodes every six to eight weeks. Desperate for relief, I joined Sierra Health and Fitness in 1999, and began training with Lynda twice a week.

My immediate goal was to improve the condition of my back. Other goals included an increase in energy and long term stamina. The differences in my condition now and when I started with Lynda two years ago, are remarkable. I am strong, energetic, (relatively) flexible and understand the limits of my injuries.

Lynda is mature, professional and knowledgeable. I completely trust her to know what types of movements are best for me to build strength, while not exacerbating injured tissue. She varies my routine to keep me motivated as well as to strengthen me physically. Because the condition of my back varies, Lynda is particularly careful to assess how it feels and to adjust my routine accordingly. In addition, she consults with my chiropractor and other experts when she wants to confirm that her approach is best (it usually is!).

Sometimes I joke that I should be Lynda's "before and after" advertisement. But it is not a joke. My back and overall physical wellbeing are significantly improved because of her skill and care.

Mary Hopkins
Age 60

Overall training: 6 years
Training with Lynda since 8/27/99.

When I was 52 years old, I had a minor stroke which left some weakness on my left side. I had never worked out because of working or family, or whatever excuse I could find! My doctor suggested that I find a trainer so I could strengthen my left side. Starting to work out was the best thing I could have ever done.

With Lynda I have improved my strength and my mental attitude. Later on, I had some lower back pain (that comes with age!), but Lynda worked me through it and has strengthened my back.

Lynda has been a God send to me. My left side is stronger than it was before my stroke and my lower back is free from pain. She is my miracle worker!

Karen Swisher
Food scientist
Age: 45

“I had been training with Lynda for three years when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. After my recovery I was able to continue my workouts with Lynda. She tailored my workouts to include stretching, mild strength training and cardio workouts. This type of exercise routine helped in my recovery, increased my energy level and always made me feel great when I left the gym.  I fought cancer with such a strong will and I will continue to take control of my body and mind with the same ferocity.” Karen Swisher, 45, Cancer survivor.

Marsha Hohertz
Age 54

Length of time training: October 9th 2000-present

Reason for getting a trainer:
The main reason I asked Lynda to be training was the great success my son had with her as a trainer. He lost 70lbs and regained his vigor. I was very impressed by his progress. Because of the fact that I was in such poor condition, I did not feel at all confident to begin a fitness program without some guidance. I knew injuries would occur if I used equipment improperly. All I have ever done in the past was walk. My knees have become so arthritic even that was becoming almost impossible without great discomfort. So I needed other ways to exercise, guidance to do it properly, and maybe most of all, my own private cheerleader.

Initial goals:
When Lynda asked me this on my first visit, I said I wanted to gain strength, flexibility, stamina and energy. I wanted to look and feel better, but really, in the back of my mind, I'm sure I that what I really wanted was to lose weight. I thought that would come automatically with the exercise and food plan. However, when after 5 months I had lost very little weight, I was very frustrated. I then realized how important it was to me to also lose weight. Recently, however, I have found out that I had secondary hypothyroidism, a condition which can inhibit fat loss. With the medication, I am now beginning to lose weight.

What you have achieved so far:
From October 9, 2000 to April 5th 2001, I have lost 14 inches and 16 pounds. More importantly, I have really gained muscle strength, flexibility and a much more positive mindset. My quality of life has greatly improved because I feel like doing things AND I am able to do them.

Lynda has been my lifeline from a very depressing state of being to a state of hope for a better life. I was obese, had high blood pressure, on a diuretic, had no energy and just did not know what to do. My progress is slow, but I see progress. Lynda has the knowledge and expertise to train me with low impact exercises according to what I need and what I can do. I would highly recommend Lynda as a trainer to anyone interested in a training program.

Age: early 30's.

Lynda works hard to keep workouts interesting and challenging. Lynda focuses her efforts on your weaknesses and is able to offer programs tailor-made for her clients.

In my first year, Lynda has helped me:

  • Decrease my bodyfat by 15%
  • Increase my bicep strength and flexibility
  • Dramatically improve my systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

It is Lynda's inspiration and support that have encouraged me to stick with my consistent and rewarding fitness schedule.

Patti Bellamy
Restaurant Owner
Age 59

I trained with Lynda for 14 months. My goal was to have more energy, lose inches and generally tone my muscles. I am happy to say that I have achieved all three.

Lynda has a gentle but firm way of making workouts very satisfying and achieving good results.

Patricia Monroe
Real Estate
Age 55

1 hour 3 times a week

Reason for finding a trainer:

  • Did not want to injure myself
  • wanted to have correct form
  • wanted the one-on-one.

Initial goals:

  • Prevent osteoporosis
  • Be strong
  • Be able to physically do anything that I wanted to do

Achievements to date:

  • I'm stroger at 55 than i was in my 30's.

Personal Comments:
Lynda is a wonderful person. She is a very caring person. She leeps the hour exciting, never a routine. Always different exercises. I would not be able to keep this up id it were not for Lynda. As Oprah said, "I hated it today, I hated it yesterday and I know I will hate it tomorrow." Lynda is the sugar that makes the medicine go down.