Los Angeles' Complete Holistic Dog Care
2400 North San Fernando Road
Los Angeles, CA 90065
Phone: (323) 222-4442
Fax: (323) 222-4448
Email: info@wagville.com

Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri: 7am - 9pm / Sat & Sun: Now 9am - 9pm*


Los Angeles' Complete Holistic Dog Care

Welcome Home:

Come anytime! We are now open M-F 7am-9pm, Sat & Sun 9am-9pm*

Come visit our beautiful holistic center for dogs near Griffith Park and convenient to Silverlake, Los Feliz, Atwater Village, Glendale and the surrounding Hollywood and LA area. Your dog may attend doggie day care by the day or by the hour, or board as an overnight guest. Our huge 10,000 square foot facility includes an 8,000 square foot play area complete with indoor and outdoor space and our trained, caring staff makes sure each dog gets plenty of fun and exercise. We open early and close late, and we offer meal service, field trips, and convenient taxi service.


Services & Rates:

Day Care: Let Your Dog Play With Us During The Day!:
Every dog gets: Individual attention, exercise, snuggling and play in our 14,000 sq. ft. facility filled with safe playground equipment, trained, caring staff certified in first aid and access to the outdoor area and fresh water. We have no cages, and our regular hours are from 7am-9pm M-F, 9am-9pm Sat & Sun*.

$6/hr of Day Care
$25/half day of Day Care(special for a 5 hour or under stay)
$35/day of Day Care(over 5 hours, anytime we're open for business!) (late pickups and early dropoffs charged per hour)

Packages: $665/20 days of Day Care
              $1295/40 days of Day Care

We never charge for snuggle time, because we would never deny any dog its equal share!!!

Boarding Overnight: Sleepovers Are Fun!:
Dogs may either snuggle up in the bedroom with a sleeping caretaker or with each other on soft bedding. Fully alert staff are on site through the night to make sure your dog gets everything he or she might need.

$50 (for overnight stay, up to a 24 hour period)

Pick Ups & Drop Offs:
Dogs are shuttled in our specially equipped doggie bus, complete with dog seatbelts and booster seats. We can deliver your dog to your home, even (with arrangements) when you’re not home yet! The shuttle bus runs from 8am to 10:30am, and then again from 6pm to 8:30pm.

$10 one way within 5 miles
$1.50 extra per mile for further trips (Special downtown rate: $10 one way, $15 round trip!)
$2 discount for round trips

Check out our Shuttle Service and Field Trip Calendar to make sure your dog is booked!

Field Trips:
Your dog can get even more exercise by participating in scheduled field trips to Huntington Dog Beach, Runyon Canyon, and more.

Price for field trip varies based on location.

Happy Dogs

Check out our Shuttle Service and Field Trip Calendar to make sure your dog is booked!

As part of our day care and boarding services, our trained staff monitor the health of your dog’s ears, teeth, skin and coat daily. We do general maintenance on your dog as part of our basic care, and we will alert you to any of your dog’s grooming needs.

We offer a self-wash at wagville for those who like to bond with their dogs in the tub.

You may also choose to have one of our experienced professional groomers give your dog a soothing oatmeal bath, a haircut, a nail clip, and more.

Self Wash: $14 per dog
Baths: $29 and up**
Haircut: $35 and up**
Nail and Ears: $7
Entire package: $5 discount

** Depends on length and state of hair. De-matting service adds $5 every 15 minutes. We only de-matt gently and patiently; we do not cause pain. You may choose to have us shave your dog, but we won’t do it without your permission.

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Pet Sitting:
If your dog can't make it to the facility, we will send one of our trained staff to visit your dog, providing walks, playtime and feedings.

1/2 Hour Visit: $20

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Check out our Shuttle Service and Field Trip Calendar to make sure your dog is booked!

We offer group and private classes for you and your dog, as well as "homework" sessions throughout the day in daycare, during which we break down your lessons into repetetive, digestible doses for your dog for maximum results over time. We use positive reinforcement, and word marks or clicker sounds to accurately mark good behavior.

Group Obedience Training Class (6 group sessions): $199
*Call for the current class schedule

Private Lessons: $70/session (at WagVille--lessons in your home $95/session)
Private Lesson Packages:
              $650 for 10 Sessions
              $1000 for 20 Sessions

Training evaluations (have our trainer meet with your dog to determine what he or she needs to work on) are FREE!

Board and Train: $1800 for day and night care until dog understands all of its basic commands

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Holistic Healthcare, including therapies and massage:
We not only have an excellent on-call vet, but are educated in healthcare by the top vets and literature.

We carry a full spectrum of holistic remedies, and offer various herbal topical therapies as well as doggie massage. Massage is one dollar per minute. Watch our newsletter and this site for the latest healthcare information and for times and dates of special on-site health lectures.

Web Cam & Phone:
Our FREE webcam will show you what your dog is doing throughout the day,and we’ll even bring your dog to the phone if you call!

*For Day Care and Boarding, dogs and their owners must fill out an application (which includes providing us with certain veterinary records) and participate in a scheduled evaluation (which includes temperament screening). We do not charge for this process; please call and schedule an evaluation appointment soon so that, should you wish to participate in Day Care or Boarding, your dog will already be set up and ready to go!


Facility Information:  

Play Area: Our huge facility includes a 14,000 sq. ft. play area complete with indoor and outdoor space. Despite the fact that it may not be 'economical' or 'efficient,' the majority of our space is doggie play space, and that will not change. We separate dogs by size and temperament, and everybody gets time, attention, and lots of space. Little dogs and shy dogs are no exception!! Dogs nap on wagville cots when they are tired, and romp on playground equipment and out in the sun when they are not. There are toys to play with and outdoor wading pools to swim in. Light, fun music is provided by state-of-the art speakers to keep everybody in a mood of contentment.

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Therapy Room: In our special therapy room, dogs receiving special therapies such as massages lie on a special lavender aromatherapy bed while soothing music plays in a softly lit room.

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Grooming: Our comfortable grooming area has a doggie bath for customers to wash their own dogs if they choose, as well as a doggie bath and table reserved for our grooming staff to bathe or give your dogs a haircut.

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Sleep Area: We do not put dogs in cages. Our overnight guests sleep in one of two large, well-appointed sleep areas together and with our caring staff.


Wagville Menu:

Nutrition, including raw, cooked, and organic foods:
We make fresh foods on-site for eat-in and take-out, and we carry only the most highly recommended commercial foods and treats. Our menu includes raw, cooked and organic varieties.

WagVille Menu

Please note that a sudden change in diet can upset your dog’s tummy. For that reason, we prefer that you switch to any new foods slowly.

WagVille’s current in-house menu options are as follows:

Our dry kibble (we use only the top brands that we carry here: Natures’ Variety and Flint River Ranch)………………………....…$2.00 / cup

Our dry kibble with our wet food (again, this is a mixture of our top brands, Natures’ Variety and Flint River Ranch, this time with wet mixed in)…………………………………………………………….……………….$2.75 / cup

Raw Meat and Veggie Mix (We use a variety of different high-quality, hormone free, range fed meats along with fresh raw pureed organic veggies. Customer may specify if there is a particular kind of meat or veggie their dog may not eat, and we will adhere to that requirement)…………………………….$4.00 / cup

Cooked Meat and Veggie Mix (Same as for Raw Meat and Veggie Mix, but we cook the meat first. We do not cook the veggies unless requested)……………………………………………………………………………$4.50 / cup

Bones (Bones should always be fed along with a Meat and Veggie Diet—they are an important source of calcium and a great way to clean your dog’s teeth. We have both raw and slow-roasted bones (bones cooked quickly are more likely to splinter). Bones are priced in our store so you can purchase whichever bones you would like fed to your dog prior to leaving the dog for daycare or boarding………………Priced in store .


WE LOVE WAGVILLE! We don't know what we would do without this place. From the very first day that we brought "Frankie" to daycare, we felt completely happy and at ease. We knew he was in good hands with Julie and her crew. And the next time we brought Frankie back, he pulled us right through the front door because he was so excited to be back! And it's been that way ever since. The best part is, Frankie is so exhausted when he gets home, he is the nicest dog in the world! Thanks for giving Frankie a second home!
--First time dog owners, Mitzi & Steve Connett

Great place, great people. The "kids" love their vacations here.
--Gustavo & Ben

Thanks to all of you for your extra care of Denver and service to us. Your professionalism and willingness to go above and beyond is so very appreciated.
--Best regards, Adrienne & Demetrius