Webster's Fine Stationers

2450 N. Lake Ave., Ste. B
Altadena, CA 91001

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Webster's Fine Stationers

Webster's Fine Stationers


Owned by Scott and Lori Webster, it's a lot more than stationery: it has a full line of children's books and educational Webster's Fine Stationersitems, fine art supplies, UPS and FedEx shipping services, faxing and copying, and is the only place in town where you can buy one envelope, or one file folder. Also with plans to expand a gourmet food selection before the holidays and increasingly emphasize home decor items.

The staff at Webster's Fine Stationery -- all local residents -- are knowledgeable about what's available at the store and in the area. They are also emphasizing local arts and artists -- the store sells cards by Altadena artist Donna Barnes-Roberts and photographer Athena Metzler, and jewelry by Diana March. 

While Webster's is also the best (maybe only!) local store to find quality papers and pens, they also sell computer printer ink and speciality paper (photographs, labels, etc.). Webster's also has a full stock of fine art supplies (watercolors, acrylics, oils, pencils ... everything!).

Since taking over the stationery store, Scott and Lori are also working to increase Webster's involvement in the community.  Besides featuring the work of local artists in the shop, Lori has just joined the board of Dr. Sandra Thomas' Quality of Life Center, and has plans for to involve it in their belated grand opening.

Despite downturns in business from the economy and customer uncertainty over the changes at Webster's, Lori and Scott are dedicated to running a thriving local business.

"I'm Altadenan at heart," Lori says.  "I raised my daughter here and she went to St. Elizabeth's.  We employ local people.  We're trying to keep the economy in Altadena."

Information Courtesy of: AltadenaBlog.com


Let me give you some background on our store. Back in 1923, Scott's grandad founded Webster's, a pharmacy located on North Lake Ave. in beautiful Altadena, CA. Back then, Henry Ford used to test his cars in the street in front of the store, a trolley system brought people to the area and Market Basket's first store was across the street. There's a lot of history packed into this neighborhood....along with some gorgeous examples of architecture, residential and commercial. Grandad (Harold "Frank" Webster) passed away when my father-in-law, William Webster, was 19 and Bill ran it from then on, taking time out only for military service. Though the years, Bill expanded and the little pharmacy became a complex of interconnected stores.....the pharmacy, a liquor store, a stationery and office products store, a Hallmark Gold Crown, a video rental store, a scrapbooking store and a UPS/FedEx authorized shipping outlet all had a home here. The video store couldn't take the competition from on-line outfits such as NetFlix, so that's gone now. The scrapbooking store was moved into the Hallmark store and shipping moved down to the Stationery store.....all in preparation for Bill's retirement. To facilitate this, two of the stores were sold to family members.....Scott and I were lucky enough to be able and willing to buy the Stationery store.

Taking on an existing store, let alone one with this much history attached to it, is a daunting task. Making changes when people are used to it being a certain way is also an uphill battle, as we learn daily. Our challenge was this: create a "new" look without seriously changing the product mix and bring in new items that freshen and uplift the store's image. Early on this past summer, before we took ownership, the two stores at the south end of the complex....the Stationery and Hallmark stores....were separated by new walls between them. No formal explanation was given to the store's customers and for that we're heartily sorry. In retrospect, had the store let people know what was going on, there wouldn't have been such a resistance to the changes.

Webster's Fine Stationers